Monday, October 2, 2023


IIT Kharagpur

Kharagpur Data Science Hackathon reaches the finale: 3500 sharpest minds, 700 teams and much more. Read about the event

The country's biggest hackathon - the Kharagpur Data Science Hackathon - finally reached its grand conclusion with an explosive Finale

What is a Hackathon? As IIT Kharagpur holds Kharagpur Data Science Hackathon, read how coming together of students solves problems

‘Kharagpur Data Analytics Group’ launches Data Science Hackathon. Find out how to register and participate.

How The Hindu lied that IIT-KGP’s Research Council had condemned ‘unprecedented violence and terror’ at JNU: Read details

The Hindu published a report that claimed that 'scholars' at IIT-Kharagpur had issued a statement in solidarity with the students of JNU

IIT Kharagpur introduces new course to link Ancient science and technology research to modern sciences

The University aims to cover achievements of Indians in various fields.

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