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Union Home Secretary writes to West Bengal govt twice in 24 hrs, warns to ensure “specific groups” from flouting lockdown norms

This is the second letter that has been addressed to the West Bengal government by the Union Home Ministry in the last 24 hours

West Bengal: Health Services Association claims WHO and Indian Govt guidelines not being followed while sample collection, will lead to under reporting of Corona...

The Health Services Association, West Bengal has spoken out against the manner in which the state administration is collecting the samples for the Coronavirus tests.

Coronavirus death rate in West Bengal is highest at over 12%, IMCT concerned over state govt’s lack of transparency

IMCT highlighted how the State claimed to have surveyed 50 lac people but did not provide any evidence for the same to the team.

IMCT slams West Bengal Government, provides evidence of the state fudging data and discrepancies in the number of cases reported

The Inter-Ministerial Central Team (IMCT) has slammed the West Bengal government for its handling of the Wuhan Coronavirus crisis.

After IMCT chief complains of non-cooperation, TMC leader Derek O’Brien calls it “India’s most callous team”, says came to spread “political virus”

Derek O'Brien in his subsequent tweet shared a one-minute video message reiterating the same ignominy and insolence

IMCT chief writes strongly-worded letter to the West Bengal Chief Secretary complaining of non-cooperation in Coronavirus inspection

IMCT alleged that the Chief Secretary had made media statements refusing to allow senior officials to accompany the team.

Aviation authorities launch probe to check whether Prashant Kishor took cargo flight to Kolkata violating the lockdown

Prashant Kishor has refuted the allegations and challenged BJP to prove that he went to Kolkata on a cargo flight

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