Monday, June 17, 2024


India vs Pakistan

Pakistani fans used to shatter their TVs over cricket matches, this time, a security guard killed a YouTuber when asked about the India-Pakistan match

The YouTuber was asking people questions about the India-Pakistan match in the T20 Cricket World Cup, but the security guard got angry and ended up shooting him dead.

Amidst Islamic State threats, India-Pakistan T20 World Cup match to go ahead, several roads in New York state closed for security reasons

New York State Police have increased the deployment of forces and ramped up security for one of the major clashes in the ongoing T20 World Cup, amidst terror threats of an attack during the India vs Pakistan match on Sunday

T20 World Cup: US Police on high alert after ISIS-Khorasan threatens “Lone Wolf” attack during India-Pakistan match

The India-Pakistan match is a key fixture in the T20 World Cup, which starts on 1st June of this year.

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