Tuesday, June 18, 2024


Indo-Bhutan border

Bhutan to send liquid oxygen to India from a new plant. Read details

The Indian Embassy stated that 40MT of liquid oxygen will be produced everyday at the Bhutanese oxygen Plant, which will then be transported to Assam via cryogenic tankers.

Bhutan rejects reports of Chinese village within its territory after NDTV claims of transgression based on Chinese media tweet

Rejecting media reports of China occupying Bhutanese territories, Bhutan's Ambassador to India clarified that no village has been set up by China inside Bhutan.

“Deliberate attempts to cause misunderstanding between Bhutan and Assam”: Bhutan Govt denies claims that it has stopped irrigation water to Assam

Bhutan govt has clarified that due to Coronavirus, Assam farmers were not allowed to enter the country to repaid traditional irrigation channels

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