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Darul Uloom Deoband issues fatwa saying shaving beard is not allowed in Islam, students who trim or shave to be expelled

the notice was issued by Maulana Hussain Ahmad Haridwari, who oversees Darul Uloom's education division.

How Islamists are furthering their agenda of turning Bangladesh into a Hindu-hating nation

Several days ago, an opposition leader in Bangladesh had termed Hindu holy scriptures as “pornographic”, whereas the government did not take any action against him

Pakistan: 12 persons arrested after brutal mob lynching of a man in Nankana Sahib over allegations of ‘blasphemy’

The Punjab Province Inspector General of Police Usman Anwar suspended two senior policemen for failing to prevent the mob lynching incident in Nankana Sahib the report said.

Students at Madhya Pradesh’s NIMHR accuse deputy registrar Mohammad Ashfaq of running it like a ‘madarsa’, providing undue benefits to his community

NIMHR students have accused deputy registrar Mohammad Ashfaq of unilaterally running the institute like a 'madarsa' and forcing his Islamic beliefs on the students

‘First, ask them to convert, then make them pay Jizya tax, if they refuse, fight them’: Qatari professor Dr Shafi Al-Hajri

Al-Hajri stated that individuals must first be invited to Islam but those who resist must be attacked mercilessly.

Madhya Pradesh: Mosque caretaker booked for converting Hindu man to Islam taking advantage of his problems

Akshay Gaur filed a police complaint alleging that Alim Qadri converted him to Islam taking advantage of his family problems.

The problem with media headlines in the case of a Hindu man, Ankit, who was murdered by Muslim men for dating their sister

Basti Police arrested two brothers identified as Irfan and Irshad and their cousin Israr for murdering a 19-year-old Hindu boy Ankit

Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot claims Udaipur beheading an ‘act of terror’ and ‘not communal’ despite video confession of murderers

The murderers of Kanhaiya Lal had declared in their video that they have killed the tailor for 'Islam', because beheading is must for the act of blasphemy.

Udaipur beheading: While NIA starts investigation, let us not forget the terror enablers are walking around us, influencing public opinion

It is to be realized that much like how the Turkic invaders who sit on high horses today, in the public discourse, radical Islamists of the modern age have a similar grandstanding and intellectual backing for their crimes

Under fire for not helping Kanhaiya Lal, Rajasthan Police ‘fact-check’ a sarcastic tweet to prove their seriousness

The journalist's tweet which was written in a lighter vein was taken quite personally by Rajasthan State Police which went ahead to fact check it on social media.

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