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Tokyo government to launch dating app in a bid to boost birth rate in Japan

"We learned that 70% of people who want to get married aren't actively joining events or apps to look for a partner. We want to give them a gentle push to find one," a Tokyo government official in charge of the new app was quoted as saying.

Is humanity headed for a population collapse? What is ailing South Korea, Japan and what will it mean for India in the future

TFR is drastically declining globally because young couples are having multitude of concerns particularly economic. The growing global trend is markingly visible in India too.

“It is embarrassing”: Japanese economists and analysts in shock after IMF predicted that India will overtake Japan by 2025 to become 4th largest economy

The announcement that in 2025 India will overtake Japan in nominal gross domestic product in dollar terms has shocked Tokyo

Massive 7.4 magnitude earthquake strikes eastern Taiwan: Tsunami alerts in Japan’s Okinawa

According to the administration's Seismology Centre, the quake's epicentre was located 25 KM south-southeast of Hualien County Hall of Taiwan in the Pacific Ocean at a depth of 15.5 KM.

Japan suspends financial support to UNRWA following concerns over UN staff involvement in Hamas terror attack on Israel on October 7

Leading contributors such as the United States and Germany have already stopped their financial contributions to UNRWA

Saved in 90 seconds: How crew of Japan Airlines plane, which was engulfed in flames, safely evacuated all onboard

The pilot of the Japanese Airlines flight halted the skidding aircraft on its nose while the crew issued instructions through phone as the PA system was damaged. The passengers were also seated with composure heeding instructions

Iran-backed Houthis share video of them hijacking cargo ship coming to India, Japan govt negotiating with Yemen rebel group to secure its release

on 19th November, as the ship was travelling from Turkey to India, it was attacked by a group of rebels from Yemen. According to the group, Israel's "heinous acts" in Gaza were the reason behind the attack.

Iceland declares ‘state of emergency’ after being hit by 4000 earthquakes within a few hours, coastal town evacuated anticipating volcanic eruption

Iceland declared a ‘state of emergency’ after nearly 4,000 small and medium intensity earthquakes jolted the southwest Reykjanes peninsula in the country.

Japan: Gunman opens fire at a hospital in Saitama, takes two staffers hostage

A gunman opened fire at a hospital in Toda city in Japan and took hostages inside a post office in Japan's Saitama prefecture.

Union Cabinet approves India-Japan agreement for cooperation in semiconductor supply chain

Union Cabinet approved a Memorandum of Cooperation between India and Japan for cooperation in semiconductor industry

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