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Pakistan's air chief marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan reportedly visited the forward airforce bases and interacted with the combat crew. He said, "We are a peace-loving nation but if war is imposed on us we will defend the aerial frontiers of our motherland at every cost."
Japan authorities have requested the Piyush Goyal-led Railway Ministry to send a team of Mithila artists so that Japan can emulate the art form on its trains. 
Abe will host Modi at his holiday home in Yamanashi for dinner.
PM Modi to visit Japan on the eve of India-Japan Annual Summit and talk with PM Abe won wide-ranging issues.
This is not the first time that Congress mouthpiece National Herald has been caught lying
The game is like Blue Whale Challenge that was a rage till last year, except deadlier
The Japanese tennis player was apologising to the crowd for winning and playing a great match.
Japan worships a host of Hindus Gods and Goddesses although they are not always aware of their origins.
India has forgotten Swami Vivekananda and we need him now more than ever
Softbank’s Vision Fund raised over $93 Billion in the last fiscal year.
Today, its high-speed trains that move twice as many passengers as its airlines and the demand continues growing.
Also find out how does the whole High Speed Rail setup work
The Narendra Modi government in the last three years has successfully transformed India’s foreign policy.
Bullet Train in India is a win-win situation

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