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Conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar had arranged private jets and helicopters for Jacqueline Fernandez, reveals ED

Apart from hiring private jets for Jacqueline Fernandez, Conman Sukesh also booked helicopter ride for her several times

Foreign policy journalist spreads Pakistani propaganda against Group Captain Abhinandan using debunked claims

'Foreign policy' journalist Michael Kungelman, used the debunked claims made by an article in the magazine to spread Pakistani propaganda.

France: Major blast heard all across Paris

Initial reports suggest the blast in Paris was caused by a jet breaking sound barrier.

Indian Air Force shelves three acquisition projects worth over Rs 8,000 crore to support Make in India and due to high cost

Indian Air Force shelves plans to buy new Pilatus and Hawk trainer aircraft, formally cancels re-engine project for Jaguars

Wing Commander Abhinandan was beaten up, choked, tortured in first 24 hours of Pakistan captivity

Wing Commander Abhinandan in his debriefing said he saw Pakistan Air Force's F-16 going down on other side of border

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