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After complaining about Hindus allegedly boycotting Muslims, Al Jazeera glorifies Indian Muslims boycotting American and Israeli products over Gaza war

Al Jazeera English showed Muslim shopkeepers in India are boycotting American and Israeli products over the Gaza war

More than 1,700 Jewish Harvard alumni threaten to withdraw donations to the University over antisemitism on the campus

In their letter, open to signature by more Harvard alumni, the group has demanded that the management crackdown on antisemitism on campus or they will stop donations to the university.

‘Yes, I did it on purpose’: Arab Muslim woman says after ramming car into what she believed was a Jewish school in Indianapolis, USA

Ruba Almaghtheh was arrested after she intentionally crashed her car into what she thought was a Jewish school.

‘We have a laughing stock as president. Will reimpose Muslim travel ban, remove antisemitism and pro-terrorism from universities’: Donald Trump at Jewish convention

Donald Trump vowed to revive the travel ban on people from some Muslim countries while addressing a Republican Jewish convention

‘Hamas is ISIS, Hamas is inhuman’: Israel govt shares horrifying photos of murdered Jewish babies from Kibbutz Kfar Aza massacre

The official social media account of the Prime Minister of Israel shared the images and the post also said that Netanyahu showed the photos to Blinken.

Poland seeks extradition of Nazi soldier who was honoured in Canadian Parliament, wants him to face prosecution for war crimes

Polish ambassador to Canada emphasised that the Nazi soldier should be prosecuted for the war crimes his unit committed against the Jewish and Polish communities.

‘Your God is false, convert’: Debate over hatred and forced conversions after viral video from Israel shows Jewish children confronting 2 Christian missionaries

As per a blog post by David Collier, the missionaries were a part of 'Sarah's ministries for Jesus Christ' by controversial preacher Sarah Walis who has been accused of deliberately placing themselves in religious places and trying to proselytize non-Christians, especially Jews and Muslims in Israel.

Two Pakistani men arrested for plotting terror attack on Jewish restaurant in Greece

Israeli intelligence service Mossad helped Greek authorities in discovering the alleged terror network and identified the link to Iran

Netizens accuse New York Times of putting the Nazi symbol in their crossword on the eve of the Jewish festival Hanukkah

Twitter users slammed New York Times of insulting Jews by inclusion of Nazi insignia in crossword ahead of Jewish festival

‘I am ashamed’, Israeli Ambassador to India apologises after Jewish filmmaker calls The Kashmir Files ‘vulgar propaganda’, read his open letter

In an open letter Ambassador Gilon shared on Twitter, he said that Lapid should be ashamed of himself.

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