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‘We have a laughing stock as president. Will reimpose Muslim travel ban, remove antisemitism and pro-terrorism from universities’: Donald Trump at Jewish convention

Donald Trump said, "When I get back into office I will put every single University and College president on notice. The American taxpayer will not subsidize the creation of terrorist sympathisers on American soil. Colleges and universities will purge the anti-semitism and pro-terrorism."

Former U.S. President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump intends to reinstate the travel restriction on citizens of some countries with a majority of Muslims. He made the announcement at the annual summit of the Republican Jewish convention in Nevada, Las Vegas on 28 October. He pledged, “We will keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. You remember the travel ban? On day one I will restore our travel ban.”

He also addressed the subject of the widespread anti-Israel protests taking place around the nation, which have often descended into violence and instilled terror in both the general public and the Jewish community. “They want to destroy our country. Under Joe Biden, we have not one but two immigration disasters. We have one on the border and we have one in the Biden State Department which is admitting colossal amounts of jihadists into our communities, campuses and our refugee programs.”

He further continued, “That’s why you see all of these big demonstrations in New York and Chicago. Nobody can believe what’s taking place. They’re letting them in at levels that nobody’s ever seen before. We cannot allow that to happen and we don’t want to be like Europe with jihads on every corner. You take a look at London, you take a look at Paris, you take a look at what’s going on over there. We want to be the United States of America and we want to make our country great again.”

He reiterated his popular slogan of ‘Make America Great Again’ and voiced, “Right now we don’t have a great country. We have a laughing stock as president. I will end once and for all the mass importation of anti-Semitism into the United States and just as I did before, we will keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. We’re going to keep them out of our country. We were keeping them out. We had a travel ban because we didn’t want people coming into our country who really love the idea of blowing up our country, our streets, our shopping centres and our people.”

He asserted that the travel ban put in place during his presidency was a prominent achievement. “So, I instituted what we call the Trump travel ban and it was an amazing success. It was suspended immediately upon his coming into the country and I never talked about this for four years. I never mentioned it. We didn’t have one incident in four years because we kept bad people the hell out of our country. We kept them out. We didn’t have one, not one instance.” When he took office in 2017, he put broad limits on traveller entrance from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria Yemen and initially, Iraq and Sudan.

He brought up the extremist Islamic ideology and assured, “I didn’t want to say it during the 4 years. I didn’t want to walk out at the speech and have something happen, right? I’ll also be implementing strong ideological screenings for all immigrants coming in. If you hate America, if you want to abolish Israel, if you sympathise with jihadists, then we don’t want you in our country and you’re not going to be getting into our country. I will cancel the student visas of Hamas sympathisers on college campuses.”

“The college campuses are being taken over and all of the resident aliens who joined in the pro-jihadist protest this month. Nobody’s ever seen anything like it. Come 2025 we will find you and we will deport you.” He referred to the alarming scenes at the anti-Israel demonstrations and mentioned that they were “caused by some very bad troublemakers.”

He added, “The events that you’ve been watching in the past three weeks, crooked Joe Biden has turned a blind eye to the greatest outbreak of anti-semitism in American history. You have the greatest I call up friends of mine who happen to be Jewish. I say are you watching what’s going on? They’re actually frightened that these are some pretty strong people. They’re tough people. They’re frightened. Their kids are afraid to go to school and they never had that before.”

He also denounced Congresswomen Ilhan Abdullahi Omar and Rashida Harbi Tlaib for their support of anti-Israel elements. “But in our colleges, media and even government, nobody’s ever seen anything like Rashida Talib and Ilhan Omar who openly campaign against Israel. Nobody’s ever seen this before. When asked recently about rising anti-semitic hate, Joe Biden’s own press secretary had nothing to say about the rabid mobs in the street and they’re shouting ‘Kill the Jews, Kill the Jews’ and she had nothing to say.”

He charged, “In fact, she stuck up for the other side. She started talking about the other side. You all saw it. Nobody could believe it. Then she came back later and said that she misunderstood the question. As president, I will absolutely protect our Jewish citizens from these maniacs, lunatics and radical left thugs. Threats or crimes of violence against Jews will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Right now, they go after Republicans including me. They go after lots of people.”

“While in office I took the strongest action of any president in history to combat the vile scourge of any anti-semitism. You know that I signed a landmark executive order fighting anti-semitic hate on college campuses and affirming that discrimination against Jewish students will be aggressively punished as a violation of civil rights and we didn’t have that if you can believe it,” the billionaire businessman turned politician remarked.

He once again confirmed, “When I get back into office I will put every single University and College president on notice. The American taxpayer will not subsidize the creation of terrorist sympathisers on American soil. Colleges and universities will purge the anti-semitism and pro-terrorism. This pro-terrorism is so out of control that nobody’s ever seen it before. They will lose their accreditation and every last penny of federal student loans. It will not be paid to them and probably shouldn’t be paid to them anyway.”

He urged the audience, “Never forget the same radicals tearing down posters of Israeli hostages. Can you imagine, at our universities ripping them right off the wall? I couldn’t believe it. They are the ones tearing down statues of our American heroes, defunding our police, destroying our justice system and demolishing our borders. These are the same people that you have, the same people who are not good people for us. The United States and Israel represent the Pinnacle of Western Civilization which is exactly what these people want to destroy.”

He accused, “They want to destroy it. This is why those who chant death to Israel also always chant death to America. Have you ever noticed they always put them together? That’s why American patriots and supporters of Israel and you have tremendous support in this country. I can tell you that you must stick together. Come hell or high water, you have to stick together. We must have strong borders, strong military, strong family, strong cultures and above all we must have a strong American president, that’s where it starts. You don’t have a strong president. The rest is just words. It’s only words. You never had any of these problems for four years. You didn’t have any of these problems. Think of it. You wouldn’t have Ukraine, you wouldn’t have Israel being attacked, you wouldn’t have inflation, you wouldn’t have anything.”

However, the front-runner for the Republican Presidential nomination was slammed by the White House for his statement. White House spokesperson Andrew Bates stated, “In 2020, President Joe Biden decried the ‘unconscionable’ rise in Islamophobia which he called a ‘pernicious disease’ and was proud to overturn the vile, un-American Muslim ban enacted by his predecessor.”

Within the first week of his administration in 2021, President Joe Biden lifted the restriction. He proclaimed, “The need to come together against rancid hate is more pressing now than ever, as American Muslims and Arab Americans increasingly find themselves the targets of appalling smears and heartbreaking violence including the barbaric killing of a 6-year-old child.”

According to him, President Biden has taken extraordinary steps to combat Islamophobia since taking office and more similar measures would be adopted. “These disgraceful attacks against Arab Americans and the Muslim community are the opposite of what we stand for as a country, and they must be forcefully condemned by all Americans who, like President Biden, believe in human dignity. The spike in Islamophobic incidents is a direct attack on the character of our nation. It’s critical that we give hate no safe harbour.”

In front of hundreds of applauding fans, Donald Trump also vowed to assist Israel’s efforts to defeat Hamas, protect the United States and the Jewish nation from savage terrorists and undo the appeasement of Iran by the Biden administration.

“To every Israeli and every American touched by these barbaric activities, we love you, we’re with you, we grieve with you, we share your anger and we stand with you 100%, 110%. To every American who is terrified that Joe Biden’s weakness will bring our country to ruin, I make you this promise, as your President, I will restore peace through strength and yes, I will prevent World War III.”

He claimed to have kept Israel, the United States, and the world safe during his four-year presidency. “Today, the world is blowing up all around, no matter where you look. If I were President, the attack on Israel would never, ever have happened. We eliminated the world’s top terrorist, the most brutal terrorist of them all, the Iranian Butcher Qasem Soleimani. We eliminated him.”

He voiced, “Instead of cuddling up to the killers in Iran as Biden has done, I will once again sanction them until their ability to fund terror is absolutely gone. And I will unleash the most powerful economic weapon there is on Earth, drill baby drill! After decades of broken promises by past leaders, I kept my promise, recognised Israel’s eternal capital, and opened the American embassy in Jerusalem.”

He vowed that when he is back in the White House America’s adversaries would understand once more that if they attempted to harm Americans they would be executed. “If you spill a drop of American blood, we spill a gallon of yours.” Furthermore, he declared that he would end the Biden administration’s open border policies.

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