Wednesday, September 29, 2021



Politicians, journalists and economists use jobs data of UPA regime to spread false propaganda about Modi regime

Far from criticising Modi, the  draft report by  World Bank criticises the jobs data of Manmohan Singh led UPA itself.

Dear Mr Chidambaram, pakodewalas have shown more enterprise than your leader ever will

Why Rahul Gandhi's gang hates hardworking people

‘Cattle class’, ‘chaiwallah’, ‘neech’ and now, ‘beggars’, respect for common man not in Congress’ culture

How can parasites who feast on taxpayers money ever be grateful to the common man?

IIM professor rebuts Jairam Ramesh’s politically motivated article on the payroll study

Data shows that young people are getting jobs and contributing to EPF and ESI

Study By IIM-B professor debunks claims of ‘jobless growth’

A new method of collecting more complete data throws up a change in narrative

The outrage that was not – legal sharaab vs illegal kabab

A comparative analysis of liquor ban in Bihar and illegal slaughterhouse shutdown in Uttar Pradesh

Good bye Obama, you won’t be missed!

Was Obama the great President as he is portrayed to be?

What were you doing when you were 28?

What were you doing when you were 28?

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