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Readers deserve better, not a gossip queen passing off figment of imagination as news
Pritish Nandy 'stole' Masaba's birth certificate and printed in his magazine without Neena Gupta's permission
The English language Indian media has focused more on ‘human stories’ about the terrorist than about the Pulwama martyrs.
Gujarati daily Gujarat Samachar Newspaper's insensitive headline today over Pulwama attack has got readers upset
N Ram of The Hindu has not only stolen another journalist's work on Rafale and called it his own, but he has also skewed his work to give it a narrative spin that suits him
A video went viral recently where Rajdeep Sardesai was heard calling Parliament Attack a 'good day' and he faced severe backlash for it
Sardesai says how the exclusive story of parliament attack made the team forget the wine and kababs they were planning to picnic on.
Not just have the publication or the Sengupta refused to issue a statement, they have published several articles regarding the #MeToo movement
The NDTV journalist is the wife of TS Sudhir who is being accused of sexual harassment
Another ‘confusion’. Shame on anybody who tried to stoke a controversy over this.
She has also asked whether Congress would now throw Uttam Sengupta out
The shenanigans listed by us here are, of course, only the tip of the iceberg
Pranoy Roy overrules editors in programming decisions at NDTV, claims the former NDTV journalist
The reporters in whose name the story was published has been suspended with immediate effect.
This is not the first time ThePrint's ethics are questioned
It is very common for so-called liberals to go after the livelihood of those who disagree with them.
Traditional media will continue to be on the decline and the alternative media will in time replace the traditional media.
Purie and Goenka even ranked Modi high in trying to weed out corruption.
It is fairly common these days for “mainstream” media outfits, especially Congress-leaning ones like India Today, to subject social media users to pejorative labeling. I offer proof once again that most of such malicious “journalism” is a product of journalistic mediocrity, which is endemic in India. In fact, what I am going to narrate to you is a first-hand experience of the infamous Indian journalistic non-application of the mind. India Today TV did a story on its favorite bugbear, the “troll”. The general plot of such stories is by now firmly established and is as formula-driven as are Bollywood movies:...
This book needs to be recognised as a means for the Lutyens' media to reclaim what they have lost in recent times.
The clowns who talk about 'undeclared Emergency' do not live under an Emergency. If they did, they would be in jail.
Throw these people in jail. Don't you dare touch Nidhi's air conditioner.
Barkha yet again proves that she is the torch bearer of shoddy, dishonest journalism.
Ranganathan reminds the journalists' fraternity on how to be a decent human being.
Discourse on social evils in mainstream media depends on the religion from which it originates
There are people in his own media house retweeting netizens shaming Shekhar for his views
The modern liberal establishment sees the Hindu right winger as just another animal.
While you played by the rulebook, they never had any rules.

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