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Principles of natural justice have been followed in the sexual harassment case against the Chief Justice of India.
The woman has mentioned that after she had rebuffed the CJI's sexual advancements, she was moved out of his residential office and then after two months, was dismissed from her job.
Yet another delay in the Ayodhya dispute case hearing in the Supreme Court
Not too long ago, Justice Chelameswar was embroiled in a head-on clash with the then CJI Dipak Misra.
Justice Gogoi is one of the four judges who had held a press conference against the CJI in January this year.
The Lucknow medical scam has rocked the Indian judiciary with allegations of bribery being levelled against judges
Contents of the letter specify the issues
A 2009 resolution called for such a disclosure
The RTI query is full of loaded questions, and has reportedly been accepted.
Instead of slapping contempt charges, the judiciary should look at ways to improve the processes.
Continuous finger pointing not only reduces public faith in the constitutional offices of the parliament but also reduces the credibility of the name-caller.

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