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Congress has claimed to be a centric party but how pretentious centric party claim can actually leave you in abeyance, this manifesto is a perfect example of that.
George Kurian has alleged that Justice Kurian Joseph made such 'misleading' statement with an intention of creating communal disharmony.
Ravi Shankar Prasad said the judiciary has to decide 'how far' it can go in taking over power on issues of governance as he stressed the need for all organs to appreciate the proverbial ‘Lakshman Rekha’.
The judicial activists want to slap their morality and their brand of ethics on the entire populace through the legal system.
The Court said that it will issue necessary rules for balancing rights of public and protecting dignity of litigants soon.
As a common citizen of India, no words of mine are enough to convey the sense of gratitude
This comes after the central government had written to the top court regarding the existing nepotism in the judiciary
At least a third of the recommended advocates for the judgeship are related to sitting or retired judges
They are being connected to the National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG)
Instead of slapping contempt charges, the judiciary should look at ways to improve the processes.

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