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Canada: Justin Trudeau’s event with Italian PM Giorgia Meloni in Toronto cancelled as they could not enter the venue due to pro-Palestine protests

An event in Toronto where Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was scheduled to host his Italian counterpart Giorgia Meloni, was cancelled after hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered outside the venue

Scientist dismissed from top virology lab in Canada worked for China, Trudeau govt accused of covering up after intelligence report surfaces

Health Minister of Canada Mark Holland stated that China's impact on Canada's scientific community "was not known to the extent it is today."

“To me, this is misuse of freedom of speech”: EAM Jaishankar on space given to Khalistani elements by Canada & other countries

Recalling the vandalism incident on the Indian High Commission in the UK by Khalistani elements, he said that the mission didn't get the protection New Delhi had expected.

Canada: Outrage erupts as serial killer Robert Pickton who murdered 49 women and fed their meat to pigs becomes eligible for parole

Lorelei Williams, the cousin of a victim whose DNA was found at the pig farm said that it is disgusting that Pickton can apply for day parole.

Amid strained India-Canada diplomatic ties, Canadian intelligence report claims India is a ‘foreign interference threat’

The report mainly highlighted China's role in interfering with Canada's general elections and has around three pages on India. The report was published in February 2023 and has been declassified recently.

Canada working back toward a healthier relationship with India, India cooperating with Nijjar murder probe: Retired Canadian NSA Jody Thomas

Jody Thomas, who retired as Canadian NSA on 26 January, said that India is cooperating in Nijjar murder probe and India-Canada relation is improving

Canada achieves new heights of India hate, initiates investigation into alleged meddling in general elections

The federal commission of inquiry into foreign interference has expanded its scope to include India into investigation of meddling in general elections

Press freedom goes for a toss in Trudeau’s Canada, journalist arrested for asking tough questions to Deputy PM

Menzies is the Mission Specialist at Rebel News, a Canada-based independent news outfit that has been hounded several times by the Justin Trudeau-led-Liberal Party government.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s aeroplane breaks down again during a vacation in Jamaica, the second time after in India

The Canadian PM Justin Trudeau's aeroplane broke down for a second time in four months during his visit to Jamaica.

‘Convicted’ without investigation being concluded: Indian High Commissioner to Canada dismisses claims of India’s involvement in terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar’s killing

"...We always said if there is anything specific and relevant and communicated to us, we will look into it," Sanjay Kumar Verma concluded.

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