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Justin Trudeau govt in Canada spends $8 million in search for dead bodies over viral ‘mass graves’ story at Kamloops residential school, finds nothing

Canada squandered $8 million in an endeavour to search for bodies over viral 'mass graves' story at Kamloops residential school but found nothing.

Importing terrorists, slacking on law and order, fraud ‘student visa’ industry are Canada’s own problems: How Trudeau govt’s India blaming is pathetic cover up...

Canada government was quick to blame India, however, it should answer as to why it allowed Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who was designated a terrorist by India’s National Investigation Agency in 2020 to live in Canada and gave him space to become politically strong.

Canada’s Bill C-63 – Weaponising undefined ‘hate speech’: Trudeau govt to penalise individuals for ‘hate speech’ even if made years ago. Why India needs...

Bill C-63 specifically noted that anyone who commits an offence under any Act of Parliament where is motivated by hatred based on race, national or ethnic origin, language, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression, would be considered an indictable offence. The penalty for such an offence can be as severe as life imprisonment.

Investigation still going on, not limited to 3 arrests: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau on arrest of Indians in Nijjar murder case

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that the investigation into the killing of India-designated terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar is "not limited" to the arrest of three Indian nationals and is ongoing.

Canada: Kamalpreet Singh, Karanpreet Singh and Karan Brar, linked with Lawrence Bishnoi group, arrested for murder of Khalistani Hardeep Singh Nijjar

In a major breakthrough in the Hardeep Singh Nijjar murder case, Canadian police have arrested three persons who are members of an alleged hit squad linked with Lawrence Bishnoi

Canada: Ruling and Opposition leaders all ‘bend down’ to Khalistan supporters, pro-Khalistan slogans raised as Trudeau smiles

Additionally, Canada's main Opposition leader Pierre Poilievre was also seen 'bending down' to the attendees, after hailing the Sikh community and cheering them, while pro-Khalistan slogans continued to be raised.

Canada: Justin Trudeau’s event with Italian PM Giorgia Meloni in Toronto cancelled as they could not enter the venue due to pro-Palestine protests

An event in Toronto where Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was scheduled to host his Italian counterpart Giorgia Meloni, was cancelled after hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered outside the venue

Scientist dismissed from top virology lab in Canada worked for China, Trudeau govt accused of covering up after intelligence report surfaces

Health Minister of Canada Mark Holland stated that China's impact on Canada's scientific community "was not known to the extent it is today."

“To me, this is misuse of freedom of speech”: EAM Jaishankar on space given to Khalistani elements by Canada & other countries

Recalling the vandalism incident on the Indian High Commission in the UK by Khalistani elements, he said that the mission didn't get the protection New Delhi had expected.

Canada: Outrage erupts as serial killer Robert Pickton who murdered 49 women and fed their meat to pigs becomes eligible for parole

Lorelei Williams, the cousin of a victim whose DNA was found at the pig farm said that it is disgusting that Pickton can apply for day parole.

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