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Giving in to the pressure from the Sikh community in Canada, the Canadian government removed the reference to the Sikh religion from terror threat
This is the first time under the Trudeau government that the Khalistani extremism has been considered as a matter of 'concern'.
Trudeau's visit to India was marred with numerous controversies.
The CRA has alleged that ISNA-Canada has directly donated $90,000 to Kashmiri terror groups and another $46,000 indirectly via other groups.
His family has claimed that he faced severe mental issues
Khalistanis are not just dissenters against the Indian states but terrorists fuelled by cross-border funds.   
The abuser is followed on Twitter by many Congress leaders and self proclaimed liberals and feminists.
Trudeau received lot of flak for extending an invitation to a convicted Khalistani terrorist
India's strong stand made Canada choose between terrorists and healthy relationships and Canada chose well
The Canadian government has admitted he should never have been invited and cancelled the invitation
Despite India's strong objection, Trudeau continues to flirt with Khalistanis
The Canadian PM will meet the Punjab CM after a visit to Golden Temple in Amritsar
Congress SM head tries to take a dig at Prime Minister's 'hugplomacy', snubs Punjab CM Captain Amarinder, instead
The Canadian PM seems to be getting differential treatment
Refusal of Justin Trudeau to meet Punjab CM Amarinder Singh may be aimed at keeping his Sikh voters in good humour. 
Police investigations reveal the 11 year old girl had lied about being attacked.
Watch this space as Rahul Gandhi makes his next move. Or rather, apes his next move.
Was it Justin Trudeau manipulating media to his advantage?

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