Tuesday, October 4, 2022


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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau visits Ukraine a week after Russia allegedly captured Canadian Lieutenant-General in Ukraine

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has arrived in Ukraine to meet Ukrainian President Zelensky in the middle of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

Pope Francis apologises to Indigenous People in Canada after mass graves of children were discovered in Christian schools: Here is everything you need

Days after meeting the Indigenous leaders of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis delegations, Pope Francis tendered an apology

‘Mr. Trudeau, you are a disgrace to any democracy, spare us your presence’, ‘dictatorship’: How Canada PM faced humiliation in EU Parliament

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the EU Parliament to deliver a speech and faced humiliation over truckers protest

Russia-Ukraine war: Canada detains chartered flight carrying Russian nationals, holds Russia ‘accountable’ by harassing civilians

A charter plane carrying Russian foreign people en route to the High Arctic was grounded at the Yellowknife airport in Canada

Canada does not buy crude from Russia but Justin Trudeau bans the import, European nations continue gas and oil imports from Russia

Even after imposing sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine, European nations continue to import gas and oil from Russia

Canadian author Gad Saad writes to PM Modi asking to accommodate him in India as he wants to escape Canadian dictatorship

Gad Saad has asked the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi whether he could be accommodated in India as he is looking to leave Canada to escape the dictatorship

Canada: ‘Liberal’ PM Trudeau invokes rarely used Emergencies Act to curb truckers protest, accounts of protestors to be suspended

Canada invoked Emergencies Act to curb truckers protest, if anyone's truck is part of blockade their corporate accounts would be suspended.

Cities in Canada may impose curfew amid ‘Freedom Convoy’ protests: Indian High Commission in Ottawa issues advisory

Indian High Commission issued an advisory for Indian citizens in Canada over traffic disruptions and shortage of essential items due to the ongoing truckers' protests.

Justin Trudeau claims protestors in Canada do not have the right to block economy, had supported ‘protesting farmers’ in India for the exact thing

Justin Trudeau vowed that the Canadian government will do everything necessary to bring the situation under control.

GoFundMe removes online funding campaign for truckers’ Convoy in Canada, withholds over 9 million dollars

The online fundraising platform had earlier paused and announced that they would be reviewing the $10 million funds raised by Canada's truckers, who are now protesting against the vaccine mandates and other pandemic restrictions imposed by the Canadian government.

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