Friday, June 21, 2024


justin trudeau

Yogi snubs Trudeau, deputes bureaucrats to welcome the Canadian PM

The Canadian PM seems to be getting differential treatment

Is the Canadian PM trying to appease Khalistani voters back home by refusing to meet the Captain Amarinder?

Refusal of Justin Trudeau to meet Punjab CM Amarinder Singh may be aimed at keeping his Sikh voters in good humour. 

Chinese angry with Muslim girl who lied about her Hijab being cut in Canada

Police investigations reveal the 11 year old girl had lied about being attacked.

The one where a Twitter user decoded Rahul Gandhi’s PR strategy

Watch this space as Rahul Gandhi makes his next move. Or rather, apes his next move.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau does his own “Krantikari” interview

Was it Justin Trudeau manipulating media to his advantage?

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