Tuesday, November 29, 2022


Karnataka High Court

Former Amnesty India chief and Modi hater Aakar Patel runs away from court battle over fear of facing heavy fines

Aakar Patel filed application in Karnataka HC in the case filed by Twitter challenging orders by Centre for blocking accounts.

‘Can students wear whatever they wish in institutes that have uniforms?’ SC asks during the hearing of Karnataka hijab row

Hearing the Karnataka hijab row, the SC on Monday asked if students can wear whatever they wish in institutes that have uniforms.

Ganesha idol installed at Hubbali-Dharwad Eidgah Maidan after Karnataka HC permits, Muslim body’s attempts to stop Puja thwarted

Karnataka High Court allowed Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations at Hubbali Eidgah Ground

Karnataka: High Court dismisses PIL saying that words of Azan like ‘Allah-hu-Akbar’ violate fundamental rights of other religions

The petitioner had claimed that statements used in Azan, such as 'Allah Hu Akbar,' offended individuals of different faiths.

16% of Muslim students from Mangalore University seek TC, among others, university following HC order banning hijab in classrooms one of the reasons

More than 16% of Muslim girl students have taken their transfer certificate (TC) in the second, third, fourth and fifth semesters of government and aided colleges affiliated with Mangalore University in Karnataka

Justice Krishna Bhat drops truth bombs in farewell speech: Entitlement of some Judges and how independence of Judiciary is not really under threat

Justice Krishna Bhat emphasised that such vanities by individual Judges make them unfit to hold any public position.

Karnataka hijab row: Supreme Court agrees to hear petition against HC verdict that upheld the rights of schools to mandate uniform dress codes

The Karnataka HC had in March stated that the petitioners failed to prove that hijab is an essential religious practice in Islam and educational institutions in the state can mandate dress codes.

Contempt of court complaint filed against Rahul Gandhi for violating rules by posting video of court proceedings

VHP leader Girish Bharadwaj writes to Karnataka HC seeking action against Rahul Gandhi for posting video of court proceedings

Twitter approaches Karnataka High Court against GoI ‘take down’ orders

Twitter has approached Karnataka High Court against GoI take-down orders that required action against accounts or content violating Indian law.

Karnataka Hijab row: Govt Pre-University College suspends 6 students for flouting rules, wearing hijab to class despite repeated warnings

A government Pre-University College (PUC) has suspended 6 female Muslim students for flouting rules and wearing hijab on campus

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