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The sister's who stood up against Bishop Franco have been constantly under the scanner facing several predicaments
The rape survivor's father was forced to take up the blame of raping her own daughter and impregnating her.
The letter from the superior-general reportedly accused Sister Rose of not cooperating with her local convent head and her “revolutionary approach”. It further says the nun’s refusal to “fall in line” raises severe questions about her commitment to the vow of obedience.
A large number of sexual exploitation cases of nuns has emerged across India.
The Jacobite Church intends to gather 1 Lakh women for the protest against Sabarimala which is nothing but an orchestrated act against Hindus.
Father Kuriakose's brother alleged that he had been killed for giving a statement against Bishop Franco Mulakkal
Father Kuriakose had claimed that he was constantly threatened by church officials for standing against the rape accused Bishop
A group of priests have alleged conspiracy in the sudden death of Father Kuriakose.
Rape accused Bishop Franco received a huge welcome after he was released by the Kerala High Court on a conditional bail.
The Kerala High Court has ordered the rape accused Bishop to surrender his passport to the court and is prohibited from entering Kerala.
The Congregation went on to allege that the nuns have the support of terrorist groups, anti-social groups are behind the agitations against the Catholic church.
The entire ecosystem is advocating the wrongdoer because of the position he holds and power he adheres
The Bishop has been accused of threatening the rape victim of dire consequences if she proceeds with the rape case against him.
The nun, disturbed by the church's decision said that this was the price she was being made to pay for standing by the truth
After victim shaming, the Missionaries of Jesus has released the picture of the victim in the public domain.
The nun has accused the bishop of sexually assaulting her for over two years.
The four line poem reportedly refers to the Kottoyoor rape case where father Robin had allegedly raped and impregnated a minor girl
The sexual abuses at the Christian churches has been a worrying trend recently.
The increasing number of alleged sexual abuses in the churches are coming out to the public recently
Church finding itself bang in the middle of accusations of blackmail, gangrape and selling babies
Bishop Jacob Manathodath of Palakkad diocese to be appointed as the new apostolic administrator of the archdiocese
The Kerala High Court has directed that a criminal complaint be filed against him
Justice Pasha, who was hearing the case said that the Pope had no jurisdiction in India

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