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Kishore Kumar

When Lata Mangeshkar interviewed Kishore Kumar in the USA: Watch

Kishore Kumar had agreed to a interview only after knowing that it will be done by Lata Mangeshkar

Did you know? Kishore Kumar was banned by Indira Gandhi from singing on the radio for refusing to obey her orders during Emergency

A few days after Indira Gandhi had declared Emergency, the then Information and Broadcasting minister VC Shukla, a close aide of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, wanted Bollywood to promote the 20-point program on All India Radio and Doordarshan.

Kangana Ranaut likens her passport renewal woes to the ban on singer Kishore Kumar during the Emergency

Kangana Ranaut had recently shared a tweet on her Instagram story comparing her passport ordeal to Kishore Kumar's plight.

Scripted praise, planned fights: Reports say controversies in Indian Idol are faked to boost TRP after Kishore Kumar episode sparks row

Controversies on Indian Idol are 'planned gimmicks' to boost TRPs for the show, a report on Bollywood Hungama says.

Congress pays tribute to Kishore Kumar, who was intolerantly banned by its govt during emergency

The Congress seems to have forgotten how it treated him during emergency

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