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CPI (Maoist) expels former central committee member Kobad Ghandy for leaning toward spiritualism and criticising Marxism

Kobad Ghandy has been accused of espousing the path of spiritualism and denouncing Marxism as having no good values

Sitaram Yechury unveils statue of Lenin, known for mass murder during his Red Terror

Lenin presided over the death of millions of political dissidents, he brutally suppressed protests by farmers

Romanticizing death, blood and deception – A tale of the Left and Naxalbari

The presumption that the ‘educated man’ being above scrutiny gives way to snobbish attempts engineer consent

Welcome to Bengal, where blood has flown like water

This story is certainly not for the faint-hearted

No Ms Romila Thapar, even to a 15 year old student like me, you don’t make sense

Why 'eminent historians' should really stop crying foul

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