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TMC’s Madan Mitra tears a lotus, says won’t offer to Maa Durga as it is BJP’s symbol: How Netizens are demanding action

TMC MLA Madan Mitra has stated that WB will henceforth not offer the Lotus flower to Maa Durga because it is BJP's symbol

TMC leader Madan Mitra vows to quit Facebook after being slammed by party’s disciplinary committee. Here is what had happened

After TMC leader Madan Mitra questioned the working of party's disciplinary committee, he was asked to stay off social media

Trinamool leaders Madan Mitra and Saugata Roy give ‘finishing touches’ to idol of Mamata Banerjee as Maa Durga

Trinamool leaders Madan Mitra and Saugata Roy gave finishing touches to an idol depicting Mamata Banerjee as Maa Durga.

TMC’s Madan Mitra blames RSS for ‘attack’ on Mamata, compares it to Godhra carnage

While Mitra did not explicitly compare the incident with Mamata Banerjee to the Godhra carnage, that he believes that the incident would 'lead to Godhra like riots' could mean only one thing.

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