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Madhya Pradesh

MP: Shahid posed as Raj to lure a Hindu girl in Indore, did Nikah and later gangraped her along with his friends Nauman, Faisal,...

Shahid posed as a Hindu youth named Raj and began a romantic relationship with her. When she went to Raj's residence with him, the victim learnt the truth about Shahid pretending to be Raj. Shahid then said she was under no obligation to convert to Islam.

Madhya Pradesh: Former sarpanch shaves his head after Digvijaya Singh’s defeat, had placed a bet with a villager on the Congress leader’s victory

BJP's Rodmal Nagar defeated Congress leader Digvijaya Singh by a margin of 1.46 lakh votes in the Rajgarh constituency.

NOTA scripts history, becomes runner up in Indore Lok Sabha seat securing over 2 lakh votes, BJP registers clean sweep in Madhya Pradesh

BJP is poised to form government for the third time with their pre-poll alliance, NDA, has swept the state securing all 29 seats of Madhya Pradesh.

Another Shraddha Walker-like murder shocks Bhopal: Nadeem Uddin killed his wife over suspicion of affair, chops body in 14 pieces, burns, and buries; arrested

26-year-old auto driver named Nadeem Uddin strangled his 22-year-old wife to death and then cut her into multiple pieces and burnt the body in Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh: 22-year-old Salim Khan with a sword in hand attempts to kidnap Hindu woman he raped earlier from her wedding, assaults her family

A 22-year-old man named Kalu alias Salim Khan was arrested for raping and attempting to abduct a 21-year-old Hindu female in Madhya Pradesh's Ashok Nagar district

Madhya Pradesh High Court legtimises Sharia, says that marriage of a Muslim man with ‘idolatress’ not valid even if registered under Special Marriage Act,...

Justice Gurpal Singh Ahluwalia, who adjudicated the matter, noted that a marriage between a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl would be treated as an irregular (or fasid) marriage under Muslim personal law.

Jabalpur: 15-year-old girl arrested for killing her father and 8-year-old brother with 19-year-old boyfriend’s help, had stuffed bodies in the freezer

Mukul and the 15-year-old arrested in the case were neighbours. The girl's father and Mukul's father work in the Railways.

Madhya Pradesh: Clerics furious after seeing Ghoomar in Nikah, expel Muslim family from society for 11 months, slap a fine of 1 lakh on...

The clerics claimed that the Muslim family breached the Islamic rules by inviting a woman to dance at the wedding.

Madhya Pradesh: Shahnawaz brutally kills his sister-in-law and two toddler nieces over a minor argument; puts the girls’ bodies in sacks and throws them...

Shahnawaz reportedly got into a minor argument with his sister-in-law and he killed her by striking her with a steel rod and then stabbed her with a knife.

Shri Ram Janki Mandir public or private: Madhya Pradesh HC remands matter back to Jabalpur collector, details

Madhya Pradesh High Court in Jabalpur remitted a matter back to the Collector for further assessment of whether Shri Ram Janki Mandir, located in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, is a private or public trust.

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