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Mandana Karimi

The Fauxy responds to the legal notice sent by BiggBoss 16 contestant Sajid Khan, says ‘writing satirical articles is freedom of speech’

The Fauxy published a satirical article in which they stated, "All the female contestants initially asked Bigg Boss not to allow 'Me Too' accused Sajid Khan or shift them to some other house, and later decided to quit the show when Bigg Boss didn't listen."

Mandana Karimi slams Hindustan Times for misreporting, says she never said she quit Bollywood after Sajid Khan joined Bigg Boss 16

Mandana Karimi took cognizance of the incident and slammed the newspaper for misquoting her. "Shame! @htTweets", she tweeted.

Mandana Karimi reveals the ‘weird excuses’ made by Bollywood actors for not joining her in the protest supporting Iranian women

Actress Mandana Karimi spoke about the disappointing responses she got for from her Bollywood colleagues for not joining her in the protest in solidarity with Iran women

Actress and reality shows star Mandana Karimi twerks in a burqa, draws flak from Islamists for disrespecting burqa

Islamists also used derogatory and misogynist labels for Mandana Karimi, including 'Nachaniya', 'Madarjat' and 'Chinaal'

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