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Manuvadis harassing Dalits but Muslims protecting them as shield: Islamic cleric organising ‘Muslim Mahapanchayat’ in Jaipur

If Muslims do not take the initiative and face the bullets for Dalits, then Manuvadis will treat them like Shudras...," Maulana Ahsanul Haq Chaturvedi brazened out.

Bihar: Woman burns Manusmriti, uses it to light a cigarette while cooking meat, video viral

Manusmriti was burned by a female 'activist' in Bihar, who also used it to light her cigarette and cook meat.

Ramcharitmanas should be burnt because it spreads hatred against lower castes: Bihar education minister Chandrashekhar

Bihar education minister Chandrashekhar said that Ramcharitmanas should be burnt like Manusmriti

Rajasthan: Hindu holy scriptures burnt at mass conversion to Buddhism ceremony in Barmer, three including one Ajmal arrested

Every year, on 25th December, 'Manusmriti Dahan Divas' takes places in parts of country as Dr BR Ambedkar did so in 1927.

‘Indian women are blessed, scriptures like Manusmriti give a very respectable position to women’: Justice Pratibha Singh

Justice Pratibha Singh said women are blessed to have scriptures like Manusmriti that grant them a respectable position.

Tamil YouTube channel reporter harasses Brahmin women and peddles caste hatred; Indu Makkal Katchi to file a complaint on the incident

A reporter of a Tamil YouTube channel Red Pix was seen harassing a woman and peddling caste hatred against Brahmin people

Unbridled propaganda: The Wire rakes up Manusmriti to demonise Hinduism yet again

When a judge wades into the area of unknown wisdom, the damage is much more serious than others writing similar stuff.

Indian ‘liberals’ take USA-styled protest fantasies a notch higher, want the statue of Manu in Rajasthan HC to be brought down like that of...

Since violent protests and vandalism started in the USA after George Floyd's death, a lot of India 'secular liberals' have been dreaming of similar chaos in India. They often share their fantasies on social media to instigate people.

Not Shashi Tharoor, Indian Muslims and Islam need an Ambedkar first

It’s not that Islam is all about violence. That will be as unfair as saying Hinduism is all about caste. However, currently, the political and mythological aspects of Islam are prevailing over the philosophical and mystic ones.

Pakistani activist invokes Manusmriti, blames it for the state of minorities in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Pakistani human rights activist brings up Manusmriti even while calling out its own army's bigotry

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