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Martial Arts

‘Indians are warriors at heart; for centuries, we fought off invaders to protect our homeland’: What Indian MMA fighter Varun Sanyal said about fighting

Varun Sanyal hailed India's historic tradition of fighting, saying that for centuries Indians had fought off invaders to protect homeland.

Rahul Gandhi’s comical fight sequence to demonstrate how he takes on the BJP by utilising their ‘energy’ has netizens amused, watch

That the grown up men, who were also Congress leaders and supporters, were also going 'wow' at end of the demonstration by Rahul Gandhi like it was some phenomenal strategy he showed.

Afghan MMA fighter, along with a mob of his Afghan supporters, attempts to murder an Indian fighter in Delhi, has a fake Aadhar, dual...

In a tweet on Tuesday, Pravin Dabas revealed that the Afghan MMA fighter had attempted to murder Srikant and is now planning to flee the country.

China sends mixed martial art experts to Tibet capital to train its military posted at the border

China sendsmixed martial arts trainers from Enbo Fight Club to Lhasa to train forces posted at LAC after hand-to-hand fight with India

Rahul Gandhi’s claim of having a black belt in martial arts leaves people amused

He reportedly has a black belt in Aikido, a Japanese martial arts

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