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Martyr's day rally

WB: Police arrest Noor Alam for trying to enter residence of CM Mamata Banerjee with firearms, was travelling in a car with a Police...

West Bengal police have arrested a man named Noor Alam with arms in a car for trying to enter CM Mamata Banerjee’s Kolkata residence

The victim narrative: How July 13 became ‘Martyrs Day’ in Kashmir, to celebrate Islamists, after horrific acts of cruelty were executed against Hindus

One persistent myth that has been debunked by the Modi government is the recognition of "Martyr's Day" on July 13.

Mamata Banerjee displays half-baked standards, targeting Modi by echoing Shashi Tharoor’s animosity

West Bengal under TMC is fast turning into a laboratory of appeasement politics, where religion decides the quantum of development and the access to resources.

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