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Unmissable strategy by the clown prince, berates any legitimate question he does not like as a “BJP question”: Rahul Gandhi avoids Amethi query, attacks...

Rahul Gandhi claimed that all the decisions are taken by his party's Congress Election Committee, and attacked the journalist for asking a genuine question.

Congress dedicates a section in their manifesto about how they will ‘fix’ the media: Are they trying to ensure cases like the Chinese-funded Newsclick...

Congress has said that it will ‘protect’ journalists from coercive action by the State in its bid to ‘defend’ journalistic freedom. “This includes restricting the powers of the government for surveillance of journalists, seizure of their devices and exposure of their sources,” the manifesto reads.

AajTak publishes news of 63-year-old Ghanaian priest marrying 12 year-old-girl as ‘Pujari’, changes headline after netizens outrage

Following the outrage, AajTak tweaked the headline removing the word “pujari” and inserting “padri”. However, AajTak’s X post still has the old headline. The said post has received severe criticism from social media users.

Election Commission allows reporters on duty to cover elections on poll day to vote using postal ballots

The Election Commission of India has allowed media personnel on duty related to poll day coverage to vote through postal ballot in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

HT journalist Satish Nandgaonkar who died of cardiac arrest faced toxic work culture, was bullied by Editor Meenal Baghel: Mumbai Press Club and wife...

It has come to the fore that Satish Nandgaonkar was allegedly subjected to workplace harassment, humiliation and bullying by Hindustan Times Mumbai’s Editor Meenal Baghel.

BBC apologises to family of a young person sexually exploited by presenter Huw Edwards for neglecting a speedy inquiry after complaint

BBC apologised to parents of young person in Huw Edwards case as independent report found shortcomings

The West has de-hyphenated India and Pakistan, Indian media needs to follow suit and not help vested interests peddle their propaganda

The persistent obsession of the media to cover Pakistan and hyphenate India is detrimental in the dehyphenation

Mumbai Tarun Bharat editor Kiran Shelar refuses to receive journalism award from Deshonnati editor Prakash Pohare for questioning existence of Lord Ram, audience chants...

Mumbai Tarun Bharat editor Tarun Bharat refused to accept Darpankar Balshastri Jambhekar Memorial Award for Journalism from Deshonnati editor Prakash Pohare who questioned Ram and Ram Mandir on stage

Taking journalists along is not PM’s job: How PM Modi rejected ‘tradition’ and refused to take media persons in official plane during his foreign...

Former Principal Secretary to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Nripendra Misra, in an ANI podcast, revealed how PM Narendra Modi broke the 'tradition' of taking media persons along on foreign trips.

We are in loss-making relationship with China, they keep giving us credit so we can keep losing more to them: Pakistani media on their...

Pakistani media house Dawn stated that China wants their country to continuously run a trade surplus in its favor.

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