Monday, December 6, 2021


Middle East

Sweden’s Lund University researcher faces prosecution for study that showed most rapes are committed by immigrants

Sweden's Lund University Professor found in her study that majority of rapes were committed by immigrants. Ethical body has initiated an investigation against her initiated for publishing the report.

Watch: Migrants clash with Polish Border forces along the border with Belarus

Violent clashes have taken place between migrants and Polish border forces along the Belarus border.

Muslim activist from Kuwait shares video of a brutal murder from Bangladesh to claim Muslims are under attack in India: Here is the truth

Given his innate hatred for Hindus and RSS, Mujeel Alshrika deliberately shared the misleading video to create unrest and in the country.

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta goes after an Indian in UAE, asks cops to ‘take action’ because he couldn’t take a joke

Hansal Mehta ridiculing everyone is kosher, but someone making a joke on him gets him so riled up he complaints to cops in Middle East.

Iran increases its uranium enrichment programme to 60%, its highest level ever, following attack on Natanz nuclear facility

After Iran's Natanz nuclear plant suffered a major sabotage, Tehran had vowed to increase its uranium enrichment to 60% levels

US President Joe Biden won’t talk to Saudi Crown Prince Salman, will talk to his ‘counterpart’ King Salman: White House

The White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced that US is 'recalibrating' its relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Uranium, missiles and flip-flops: A brief history of the fissions and fusions of US-Iran relations over the years

President-elect Joe Biden has expressed his readiness to restart negotiations with the Iran on the nuclear deal.

US President Donald Trump threatens Iran with retaliation after US embassy in Baghdad attacked with rockets

The attacks come at a time when tensions are growing tensions between the United States and Iran amidst the last days of Trump’s presidency.

New York: Muslim boxer on the run after killing activist daughter extradited from Kuwait

Boxer Kabary Salem had fled soon after his daughter's body was found in a park. He was found and brought from Kuwait after a year-long search.

Gaza conflict: Hamas announces ceasefire deal with Israel, in return for cash from Qatar and fuel for its powerplants: Reports

The agreement between Israel and Hamas was reached after mediation from a Qatari envoy.

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