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Mike Pompeo

‘Personally, I thought he was dour’: Ex-US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says Xi Jinping ‘most unpleasant’ leader he met

In his latest book, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has described Xi Jinping as the "most unpleasant" leader.

Former US Secretary of State Pompeo: ‘Pakistan was preparing for nuclear attack after Balakot surgical strike,’ says US worked to sort things out

“After an Islamist terrorist attack in Kashmir- probably enabled in part by Pakistan’s lax counterterror policies – killed forty Indians, India responded with an air strike against terrorists inside Pakistan. The Pakistanis shot down a plane in a subsequent dogfight and kept the Indian pilot prisoner,” Pompeo's book mentions.

CIA discussed killing and kidnapping Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for exposing US hacking tools

The CIA in the United States of America (USA) considered kidnapping and assassinating Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

US President Joe Biden shuts down inquiry into possible Wuhan lab origins of Covid that was initiated by Mike Pompeo, cites ‘poor quality’

Biden's administration has asked the officials to stop the investigation citing "poor quality work and its politicization, selective use by Trump and his allies to blame the pandemic on China."

Hours after Biden took oath as the US President, China slaps sanctions on several officials of Trump administration

The outgoing Trump administration had said that China was committing atrocities on Uyghur Muslims.

Day before US President elect Joe Biden takes office, Trump administration declares China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims as ‘genocide’

The Trump administration, in in last few hours of being in power, has declared that China is committing 'genocide and crimes against humanity' against the Uyghur community group.

‘No more appeasement of the Communist regime in Beijing’: US removes self-imposed restrictions on interactions with Taiwan

Hailing Taiwan as a 'vibrant democracy' and a 'reliable partner', Pompeo emphasised that all 'self-imposed' restrictions would be lifted.

‘Modi Hai to Mumkin Hain’: US Sec of State Mike Pompeo praises EAM Jaishankar for stronger US-India ties

Secretary Pompeo's tweet came as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office of the President of the United States of America on January 20.

Meet Chen Weihua: China’s sh*t talker-in-chief, calls Trump-aide Pompeo ‘sh*t face’ after calling a US Senator ‘lifetime b*tch’

China drove into media spotlight after calling US Senator Marsha Blackburn a 'lifetime b*tch'. He has abused others as well.

Blow to anti-Modi ‘Minorities under attack’ narrative as US rejects USCIRF comments accusing India of violating religious freedom of minorities

US State Department has rejected USCIRF 2020 report recommendations for India. It acknowledged that no violation of religious freedom was carried out India.

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