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Meet Chen Weihua: China’s sh*t talker-in-chief, calls Trump-aide Pompeo ‘sh*t face’ after calling a US Senator ‘lifetime b*tch’

The tweets which drove Chen Weihua to media spotlight were the ones where he called a US Senator a 'b*tch'. He did not stop at that and proceeded to call her a 'lifetime b*tch'.

“Chen Weihua is the Chief Washington Correspondent of China Daily and Deputy Editor of China Daily USA,” says the China Daily website. But on Twitter, the ‘journalist’ who is claimed to have “a particular focus on US politics and US-China relations”, can be found engaging in cantankerous banter with politicians in the West.

The tweets which drove him to media spotlight were the ones where he called a US Senator a ‘b*tch’. He did not stop at that and proceeded to call her a ‘lifetime b*tch’. That outburst was in response to a tweet by Senator Marsha Blackburn claiming that China had a 5000 year history of cheating and stealing.

But those are not the only contentious remarks Chen Weihua has made. On Sunday, he told British politician Nigel Farage to “Wear a mask and stop talking shit”.

Chen Weihua goes off at Nigel Farage
Chen Weihua goes off at Nigel Farage

He did not stop there, of course. He proceeded to mock Farage’s support for US President Donald Trump.

Chen Weihua vs Nigel farage
He was kind enough to retweet his own tweet for his audience

Chen Weihua does not hesitate to use expletives to demonstrate his angst.

Chen Weihua gets abusive
The ‘journalist’ gets abusive

Chen Weihua also declared that something was wrong with the United States because an “insane and stupid lunatic” like Donald Trump could be elected President.

Chen Weihua calls Donald Trump a "stupid lunatic"
Chen Weihua calls Donald Trump a “stupid lunatic”

The ‘journalist’ certainly has a lot to say about the US political system. An object of his ire is the supposed “shameless self-glorification” that is apparently a ‘unique’ feature of the US Presidency.

Chen Weihua is clearly not fond of the US political system
Again, there’s the trademark self-retweet.

He also has a suggestion for American politicians. This one is fair enough, one could argue. “US should spend more fixing its subways, street potholes in NYC and other cities instead of spending hundreds of billion dollars on killer weapons, nukes enough to carpet bomb our planet 100 times and over,” he says.

Chen Weihua has a suggestion for American politicians
The Chinese ‘journalist’ has a suggestion for American politicians

The Chinese ‘journalist’ is also not very fond of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Chen Weihua does not like Mike Pompeo

Okay, he really really does not like Mike Pompeo. Weihua has gone to the extent of calling Pompeo a ‘sh*t face’.

Chen Weihua gets abusive, again.
Weihua gets abusive, again.

Not the only time either, unfortunately.

Chen Weihua abuses Pompeo, again.
Weihua abuses Pompeo, again.

Chen Weihua has also compared Pompeo to the Nazi propagandist Goebbels.

Chen Weihua calls Pompeo a Nazi
Probably not as shocking, given a lot of US liberals believe Donald Trump is LITERALLY a Nazi.

He also says that Donald Trump cannot keep his eyes off China “simply because China is too successful”.

Chen Weihua vs Donald Trump
Probably one of his less offensive tweets

The tensions between China and the USA have intensified under US President Donald Trump. The Chinese have singularly blamed Trump for the tensions between the two countries and appear to believe that things will get better once he moves out of office. However, if their ‘journalists’ keep calling everyone they don’t like ‘sh*t face’ and ‘b*tch’, they might find it a tad more difficult in normalizing relationships with other countries.

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