Wednesday, September 22, 2021



BHU’s new Hindu Studies course to include topics on ancient warfare, military strategy, women in military: Report

The MA course on Hindu Studies, a joint effort by BHU's Department of Philosophy and Religion, Bharat Adhyayan Kendra, Department of Sanskrit, Department of Ancient History, Culture, and Archeology, is the first of its kind in India.

Pakistani journalist accuses Pakistani company of selling US military vests left in Afghanistan, the company says it makes them in Pakistan

Specter Defense denied the claims that it is selling items left by Americans in Afghanistan, saying they are making all the military gear in Pakistan

Myanmar: Militant groups launch attack on Army after launch of “resistance war” against Junta, civilians flee across the border towards Mizoram

The Myanmar militants launched a surprise attack on the junta soldiers when the soldiers were conducting inspections in Thantlang

Women can be inducted into National Defence Academy from next year, Centre informs Supreme Court

"We complement the ASG for taking a pro-active approach in persuading Armed Forces to take a gender-equal approach,” remarked the SC Bench.

Military coup in Guinea: President Alpha Conde detained by soldiers, government dissolved and constitution suspended

The coupe leaders appeared on TV to announce the dissolution the government and the national assembly of Guinea with immediate effect

Biden administration deletes data of Afghan weapons from Federal websites while Taliban parade captured US military equipment

Biden govt has justified its move to delete data of Afghan weapons from websites by saying that ‘it is a move to protect Afghan allies.’

Watch: Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan refuses to call Taliban an enemy

The National Security Advisor of the United States, Jake Sullivan, says "It is hard to put a label on Taliban".

Former Afghan President Ghani had informed Biden that Taliban was advancing with ‘full Pakistani support’. Read excerpts

Ashraf Ghani had informed Biden that not just logistical support from Pakistan's government, the Taliban also had thousands of Pakistani terrorists among their ranks.

USA leaves behind 51 contract working dogs in Kabul, military veterans trying to raise funds for their evacuation

US government left military contract dogs stranded in Afghanistan, veterans trying to raise funds for their evacuation.

Viral video: Taliban seen enjoying ride in a Blackhawk helicopter, though it is not flying

After the hasty withdrawal of US troops, Taliban has now taken control over a large number of US-supplied military equipment, weapons and aircraft.

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