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minorities of Afghanistan

‘Don’t take blood from women’: Taliban refuses to allow women to donate blood for the victims of the Kabul attack

A group of women were seen saying that they were stopped by the Taliban from donating blood to the victims of the dastardly attack Kabul

Amnesty International documents war crimes committed by the Taliban and killing of ethnic and religious minorities

A report published by the Amnesty International says that the Taliban wanted to behead the injured people captured by them

Operation Devi Shakti: 110 Sikhs, Swaroop of Guru Granth Sahib being brought to India from Afghanistan

Indian government is evacuating 110 Sikhs from Afghanistan under the rescue operation Dev Shakti carried out by the Indian Air Force and the Ministry of External affairs

Congress demand of evacuation of Hindus and Sikhs from Afghanistan proves why cut-off date from CAA should be removed

Jaiveer Shergill from Congress had been one of the passionate opponents of CAA, which grants Indian citizenship to persecuted minorities.

Taliban rule: When Hindus in Afghanistan were forced to carry yellow badges like Jews in Nazi Germany

In a bid to undo years of suffering and persecution, the Indian government had issued long-term visas to 700 Hindus and Sikhs from Afghanistan in July last year.

CDPHR releases human rights report of 7 neighbouring countries, raises concern over vanishing population of Hindus

The CDPHR report highlights grave human rights violations against minorities, especially Hindus, in India's 7 neighbouring countries

Hindus and Sikhs are proud citizens of Afghanistan, violence against them not persecution: Afghan Foreign Minister

Atmar said that Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan were not persecuted but were victims of general violence inflicted on Afghans.

26 US Congressmen urge Mike Pompeo to relocate minorities of Afghanistan including Sikhs and Hindus who are under imminent danger of Islamic state terror

The 26 US Congressmen expressed deep concern about safety of the vulnerable Sikh religious minority in Afghanistan

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