Wednesday, August 10, 2022


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Modi government helps revive the only school in Delhi for Afghan refugees, school was struggling for funds after Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

Afghan school began facing problems with the onset of Covid pandemic and it escalated after the fall of Afghan government to the Taliban.

Modi govt has completed yet another successful telecom spectrum auction and Congress is using it to wash its own 2G scam sins

The Modi government has completed yet another successful telecom spectrum auction and Congress is using it to wash its 2G scam sins

BJP’s Pasmanda outreach could be a game changer but two questions must be answered: Will they bite and will it take away Hindu votes

BJP’s choice of going for the “deprived” is wise - especially the Pasmanda Muslims - be that as it may, the result is what matters. 

The Hindu wilfully misrepresents what Kishan Reddy said about #HarGharTiranga program to insert China, KTR furthers the propaganda

On August 1st, 2022, The Hindu published a report with a headline – “Kishan Reddy defends flag import”.

TMC’s Saket Gokhale spreads misinformation about the Agnipath scheme after Government rejects his bizarre RTI

Saket Gokhale published misleading tweets claiming Union Government does not consult President's office about issues regarding the Armed Forces.

Assam: Actor takes money to dress as Lord Shiva and protest against Modi govt in street play, arrested after complaint filed

Assam: Actor arrested after he have a blatantly political speech against Modi govt while in the role of Lord Shiva

Hyderabad: Nehru portrait absent from Salar Jung Museum’s exhibition on freedom struggle, Congress holds protest

The Telangana Congress claimed that the 'backlash' faced by the Centre had forced it to restore the portrait of Jawaharlal Nehru at the Salar Jung Museum.

How the ‘opposition’ has extraordinary powers that they use to scuttle voices of dissent as ‘journalists’ rejoice or look the other way

The “Opposition” that the media keeps referring to, actually holds extraordinary power that is often used to scuttle voices of dissent

8 years of Modi government: How PM Modi radically transformed India’s foreign policy

One of the highlights of the eight years of the Modi government is a dynamic foreign policy that places India's interest above everything else.

The tale of two conclaves over the weekend: Ideas for India and India Ideas

Towards dinner time on Friday, 20th of May, social media was abuzz with video clippings of Rahul Gandhi’s now-familiar ramblings.

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