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muslim grooming gangs

Gujarat: Yasarkhan Pathan lures Hindu girl on pretext of sending her abroad for studies, Pathan’s family rapes, force her to wear burqa, read Quran

Nadiad police in Gujarat arrested eight out of ten accused of trapping a Hindu girl under the guise of sending her abroad and then physically and mentally exploiting her

Grooming jihad in Jharkhand: Hasnain Ansari becomes Aman Mehto to lure Hindu girl, spikes food, rapes her, leaks video after his identity is revealed

On March 11, 2022, a video of a 21-year-old girl revealing how she became a victim of grooming jihad in Ramgarh, Jharkhand was shared on Twitter

Bihar: Minor Hindu girl missing for 10 days, kidnapping accused Shahbaz has shared ‘marriage’ photo on social media

The victim’s brother accused their neighbour Munia Khatoon of involvement in the abduction of his sister. He added that Munia Khatoon has a previous record of trafficking girls.

Nashim becomes Ankit to trap Hindu girl, force her to read Kalma, girl attempts suicide after family threatens her to change statement: Details

A 20-year-old Hindu girl attempted to commit suicide at the Jabalpur district court premise in Madhya Pradesh, alleging that she is being tortured and threatened by accused Nashim Ahmed

Assam: Rafiul Hussain poses as Hindu to marry girl, forces conversion to Islam, then abandons her

The girl in her complaint alleged that Rafiul Hussain had befriended her on Facebook in the year 2016 by posing as Rajiv Hazarika alias Raj Hazarika. He had even shaved off his beard to mask his identity.

Gujarat: Garage owner Mohammad gets woman to marry him by pretending to be unmarried, tries to convert her to Islam

The accused has been booked under the Gujrat Freedom of Religion Act (GFRA), making it the first case registered under the newly enacted anti-conversion law.

Grooming Jihad: SC issues notice after parents of victim file petition regarding daughter’s safety

SC issued notices to the governments of Odisha, Jammu & Kashmir, and the Chandigarh administration in connection to a case of grooming jihad

‘Have not committed that big a crime’: Grooming gang child rapists in UK invoke human rights to oppose deportation to Pakistan

Adil Khan and Qari Abdul Rauf were convicted of involvement in a grooming gang that raped nearly 50 girls in Rochdale, UK.

Shahenshah Khan poses as Brahmin to marry Hindu woman in Uttar Pradesh, later assaults her after identity is revealed

The Hindu woman said that Shahenshah Khan married her posing as a Brahmin. and sexually assaulted her after she found out the truth

Grooming Jihad in Meerut: A tutor changes his identity to trap a Hindu girl, kidnaps and forces her to convert to Islam

In this new case of Grooming Jihad, the teenager from Meerut confessed that Amaan forced her to convert at a mosque in Delhi

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