Topic: muslim grooming gangs

PFI was banned by the Jharkhand government in February this year under the Criminal Law Amendment Act for indulging in anti-national activities in the State and having links with terror groups like the ISIS.
The Muslim grooming gang phenomenon in the West bears close resemblance with the phenomenon of Love Jihad in India.
The case was reported for the first time on Friday after a blanket ban on reporting was lifted.
The court has ordered a retrial after releasing him on bail
The biased op-ed by Nicholas Kristof has completely ignored the facts and ground reports on the Kathua case
The Northeastern state has witnessed several brutal crimes against within a very short span of time
It has been described as one of the 'worst ever' incidences of child sexual exploitation
Ajmer scandal saw mass exploitation, rape and blackmail of young girls by a gang of powerful people

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