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muslim grooming gangs

Twenty-four sexual predators jailed in the UK: How Britain is reeling from the scourge of grooming jihad

Police called the assault which included rape and offence "abhorrent in the extreme" related to human trafficking in the UK.

UK: Syrian refugee Omar Badreddin, who was portrayed as a victim by BBC, found guilty of raping a minor multiple times with three others

Omar Badreddin was arrested for raping a minor in 2016 but later released in two weeks. He was painted as victim by BBC in a documentary on Syrian refugees.

Grooming Gang in the UK: Five men found guilty of sexual exploitation of two minor girls in Rochdale 2 decades ago

Five men have been convicted of child sexual offences as part of a grooming gang in Rochdale of the UK

UK grooming gangs Part 2: Dear Islamist appeasers of the UK, it is not racist to establish the identity of rapists, but it is...

In what world and by what royal logic are a bunch of Pakistani-majority rapist gangs South Asian/Asian? How is generalizing an entire continent not racist but identifying serial rapists for who they are, is?

UK grooming gangs Part 1: How minor girls as young as 9 were groomed, raped, beaten, and killed by Muslim predators across cities as...

They bought alcohol and cigarettes to lure the vulnerable children. The accused working as taxi drivers or food delivery drivers would target the victims by offering them a lift, buying them fast food, and topping up their mobile phones to eventually make them believe that they were 'lovers'. Studies call this "the boyfriend method" or "the loverboy model", better known as love jihad or grooming jihad in India.

Religiously and racially motivated sexual grooming gangs targeting non-Muslim girls: Joint faith group writes to UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman

Joint faith group supports the ongoing efforts of Home Secretary Suella Braverman to curb grooming gangs operating around the UK

UK decides to clamp down on Pakistani ‘Grooming gangs’, PM Rishi Sunak creates Special Task Force to prevent sexual exploitation of girls

The UK has announced constituting a Special Task Force to tackle the growing menace of grooming gangs in the country.

Groomed by Muslim gangs, minced into pieces, fed as kebabs: Read about Charlene Downes who disappeared from Lancashire, UK, 20 years ago

Charlene Downes was feared to be groomed by Muslim gangs, murdered, minced into pieces and served as kebabs to customers at a takeaway restaurant in Lancashire, UK.

‘Breathtaking lack of remorse’, Court rejects grooming gang child rapists Adil Khan and Qari Abdul Rauf’s deportation appeal from UK to Pakistan

While rejecting the convicts' plea against deportation, the UK immigration tribunal stated that there was a very strong public interest to deport them

As Rishi Sunak becomes PM of the UK, his statement on grooming gangs goes viral, had vowed not to let ‘political correctness’ stand in...

Rishi Sunak's old video where he vowed to tackle Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs without letting political correctness come in way went viral.

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