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Zubair accuses PM Modi of stealing credit over relaxations of male escort restrictions for women during Haj; his portal Alt News in 2018 credited...

The Alt News report firmly stated that PM Modi taking credit for allowing Muslim women to go to Haj without Mahram (male guardian) was not wrong.

Haldwani Violence: Muslim women in burqa pelted stones at the police personnel, being identified by police

A week after a Muslim mob attacked police and administration in Uttarakhand's Haldwani, the police have revealed that Muslim women wearing 'burqa' pelted stones at the police personnel

Hijab is must for Muslim women, uncovered hair is devil’s thread: AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal says women IAS, IPS should wear hijab

AIUDF head Badruddin Ajmal asserted that hijab is not a choice or option but mandatory for Muslim women.

Lord Ram was our ancestor: Muslim women set to bring ‘Ramjyoti’ from Ayodhya to Kashi to spread the message of communal harmony

Nazneen Ansari and Najma Parvin are going to carry 'Ramjyoti' from Ayodhya to Varanasi to spread the message of communal harmony.

Samastha Kerala Jem-iyyathul Ulama leader booked over “Muslim women not wearing Hijab are of loose morals” remark

Samastha Kerala Jem-iyyathul Ulama leader Mukkam Umar Faizi called Muslim women who refrain from wearing hijab of loose morals.

CPIM organises anti-UCC event but avoids inviting Muslim women to speak on the issue, fearing backlash from Islamic outfit

The Communist Party of India was however quick to justify that inviting Muslim speakers for an event on the Uniform Civil Code was not necessary.

Non-codified nature of Muslim personal law poses significant challenges for women, lack of UCC resulted in inequalities and inconsistencies: NCW

NCW said that the “non-codified” nature of the Muslim personal law has led to misinterpretation and posed significant challenges for Muslim women.

67% of Indian Muslim women support Uniform Civil Code, 76% do not want men to have 4 wives, finds survey

"Do you think Muslim men should have the right to marry up to four women?" the Muslim women were asked. A whopping 6146 respondents (76.5%) said 'no' to the question.

Gaddar.. Munafiq.. Bikaoo Musalman.. Yazid ki aulaad : Islamists abuse Muslim leaders for praising PM Modi and his work for Muslim community

One of the Islamists mentioned that the the Muslim scholars who lauded PM Modi were 'munafiqeen' (a religious hypocrite) and indicated that the scholars only pretended to follow Islam but were acting against it. Netizens also used abusive word for the scholars calling them 'haram**or' and 'Yazid ki Aulad'

Women can enter mosques for Namaz provided that there is no intermixing of men and women: AIMPLB tells Supreme Court

All India Muslim Personal Law Board told the apex court that no Islamic religious text authorised the mixing of genders in any mosque

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