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Nasik: Stalker Raees Sayyed threatens to ruin life of 18-year-old Nikita after she refuses his advances, abducts her and takes her to a dargah,...

Nasik man Raees Sayyed is accused of stalking, threatening and forcing an 18-year-old Hindu girl named Nikita into marriage and abducting her when she did not accede to his demands

ISRO’s giant autoclave completes an almost year-long journey by road from Nasik to Thiruvananthapuram

74-wheel Volvo FM heavy-duty truck carrying giant autoclave of ISRO reached Thiruvananthapuram from Nasik in one year

Nasik police arrest Muslim man after video of him wiping his face with currency note and saying “Coronavirus is Allah’s punishment to you” went...

The man was seen saying that the coronavirus has no treatment because it is sent by ‘Allah’, while licking the notes

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