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‘Women were praised for burning themselves on the pyre of their husbands’: RTI reply shows NCERT has no evidence for its dubious claims about...

In Its RTI reply, NCERT conceded, "The information sought is not available on the files of the Department."

Priests divided people into Varnas, did not allow Shudras and women to study Vedas: Misleading claims about Brahmins removed in rationalised NCERT textbooks

The development comes a year after RTI activist Vivek Pandey filed a query with the NCERT, seeking written evidence for sweeping claims about Hindu priests, women and shudras in ancient India.

NCERT denies reports claiming ‘Ramayana, Mahabharata will be taught as a part of history in schools’; details

NCERT is modifying the school curriculum to align with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, and the new NCERT textbooks are projected to be ready for the upcoming academic session.

NCERT proposes replacing ‘India’ with ‘Bharat’ in books, also seeks to teach ‘classical history’ instead of ‘ancient history’

Bharat is an age-old name. The use of the name Bharat finds its mention in ancient texts such as Vishnu Purana, which is 7,000 years old, committee's chairperson CI Isaac said.

NCERT forms 19-member high-level committee including Sudha Murthy, Bibek Debroy, Shankar Mahadevan & others to develop new school textbooks

NCERT has formed 19-member high level committee to develop new school syllabus and textbooks as per the NEP

Kerala govt decides to teach content deleted from NCERT books, SCERT to publish supplementary textbooks

After getting the go-ahead from the state government, the Education Department is planning to introduce supplementary textbooks for classes XI and XII.

Read how a CPM govt had ordered deletion of all mentions of atrocities by Muslim rulers, as party MP complains about ‘deleting Mughals’ from...

The letter written by Viswam is directly in contrast with the previous stance of the CPM government in West Bengal, which had ordered that there should be no mention of Muslim atrocities in textbooks during their tenure.

NCERT textbook controversy: References to 2002 Gujarat riots removed from Class 11 Sociology book

The deleted paragraph from the class 11 sociology textbook "Understanding Society" discussed how class, religion, and ethnicity frequently result in the segregation of residential areas and used the communal unrest in Gujarat in 2002 as an example of how communal unrest contributes to ghettoization.

It is a lie, chapters on Mughals history not removed: NCERT director refutes media reports

The NCERT director has refuted media reports that chapters on the Mughal period have been dropped from class 12 history textbooks

‘Liberals’ and Islamists mock Rajputs after NCERT reportedly removes a chapter on Mughals

Mainstream media widely speculated that NCERT has amended its publications, notably the 12th-class History book, and removed certain chapters on the Mughal empire

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