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Ashish Dev Priy Ojha

Atiq’s murderer chanting JSR is ‘Hindutva terror’ but Pulwama attack because Adil hated ‘gaumutra drinking Hindus’ is not religious terrorism

Contrary to the portrayal by some sections of the media, "Jai Shri Ram" is not a call for violence or aggression. It is a slogan that symbolizes the pride and reverence that Hindus have towards their culture, heritage, and spirituality. It is seen as a way to express devotion to Lord Rama and seek his blessings for victory over ignorance, injustice, and evil.

Business Conclave at SRCC Delhi: Inspiring insights shared by Swami Mukundanand, Naveen Jindal, and Nitin Gadkari

Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) in Delhi is hosting the annual SRCC Business Conclave from 12 to 14 April

Read how a CPM govt had ordered deletion of all mentions of atrocities by Muslim rulers, as party MP complains about ‘deleting Mughals’ from...

The letter written by Viswam is directly in contrast with the previous stance of the CPM government in West Bengal, which had ordered that there should be no mention of Muslim atrocities in textbooks during their tenure.

With anti-Hindu violence and anti-India forces being allowed to fester in UK, time has come for India to consider leaving the Commonwealth

In the wake of multiple attacks on Hindus and those of Indian origin in England and the recent attack on the Indian Mission in London, voices are growing louder in India urging the country to consider leaving the Commonwealth

Heavy Police deployment outside Indian High Commission in London in the wake of protests planned by Khalistan supporters

Four days ago, the Khalistanis who were protesting outside the Indian embassy turned violent and desecrated the Indian flag. The British government has been a mute spectator of all this violence directed against the Indian Mission in London.

Even as India battles terror export from Pakistan, Karan Thapar calls India ‘mean-hearted’ for not having a ‘generous’ visa regime for Pakistanis

While Pakistan continues to export terror to India, Karan Thapar wants India to provide 'generous' visa regimes to Pakistanis.

Arvind Kejriwal likens PM Modi to Indira Gandhi: Here is why it is not just about the Liquor Scam but Khalistan

Kejriwal compares PM Modi to Indira Gandhi days after Khalistsani Amritpal Singh said that Amit Shah will meet the fate of Indira Gandhi

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