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NCPCR writes to NCERT over Harsh Mander story in school textbook, says it fails the Juvenile Justice Act

NCPCR stated that the book has been revised 5 times between 2016 and 2021 without referring to the law of the land and without being sensitive to the issue of child protection.

Netizens demand that NCERT drop a chapter in school textbook written by Delhi riots accused Harsh Mander

For over 2 years, netizens have complained to govt and NCERT to exclude content written by individuals such as Harsh Mander

‘Include section on Vedas, review portrayal of freedom fighters in school textbooks’: Parliamentary Committee on Education

A Parliamentary committee on education has stated that educational content for students should be "free of biases".

NCERT transfers two senior faculty members who were part of the Transgender Inclusion panel

Following public outrage over the manual, NCERT had removed the contentious document from the public access.

Woke ‘activists’ now get Bollywood support over NCERT controversy, Sonam Kapoor steps in: Details

Actress Sonam Kapoor has stepped in to support the woke 'activists' over the NCERT training manual controversy.

Vikramaditya Sahai, NCERT and woke propaganda: How LGBT activists are calling legitimate criticism of a public figure ‘transphobia’

Vikramaditya Sahai was on the team that produced the NCERT training manual. LGBT activists are now call criticism 'transphobia'.

Child rights body calls new woke guidelines by NCERT ‘conspiracy to traumatise school students’, asks to remove anomalies

NCPCR seeks response from NCERT regarding complaint against teacher training manual on ‘gender sensitization’

From profs to Woke activists: Who were behind the NCERT gender training manual for teachers? Read here

A training manual for teachers published by the NCERT has become the subject of much consternation.

Woke ‘gender diversity’ manual that suggested puberty blockers and unisex toilets missing from NCERT website after public outrage: Details

NCERT's manual titled Inclusion of Transgender Children in School Education: Concerns and Roadmap' is no longer accessible.

NCERT goes Woke, claims separate toilets for boys and girls is a problem, suggests puberty blockers, blames ‘caste patriarchy’ for stigma

NCERT has decided to go full 'Woke' in a new training manual for teachers that was released recently, and is receiving criticism.

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