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Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders supports Nupur Sharma, cautions India against appeasement of Islamic countries

Geert Wilders, known for his vocal stand against Islamic ideology in The Netherlands, has stated that what Nupur Sharma stated about Prophet Muhammad is the truth and India should not apologise for it.

Netherlands: Police dog mauls protester as a demonstration against lockdown orders turns violent

Video of police dog biting anti-lockdown protester in Netherlands has gone viral on social media.

Europe: Massive protests continue across Germany, Italy, Netherlands against Covid restrictions and vaccine pass

Massive protests have taken place in Netherlands, Italy and other parts of Europe against the governments' COVID restrictions.

‘Imported monster like Islam to our country’: When French school teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded, here is what a Dutch leader said in parliament

Wilders had urged the government to recognize Islam as a ‘violent ideology, one that comes with hate and terror.’

Image of a girl child surrounded by men in bondage sex costume wins award at Dutch Pride event

Photograph of a little girl with several men in bondage gear wins award at Dutch Pride event.

Bizarre Dutch dark comedy film ‘The Columnist’ mocked for showing journalist going on a killing spree against online critics

A Dutch movie titled "The Columnist", or "The Pussy Whore" in its original Dutch, has become the subject of internet mockery.

Conflict of interest? Advocacy group funded by Twitter, Facebook, Google and western governments criticises new Indian social media regulations

Access Now has spoken out against the social media regulations ushered in by the Indian Government on Thursday.

Netherlands, Canada and Finland raise concerns over Chinese espionage that can cripple democratic countries

Finland, Canada and Netherlands have raised concerns over Chinese espionage on government, companies and universities

Fact Check: Is “Raam” with the photo of Lord Ram printed on it is the world’s most expensive currency

As Raam is not a legal tender issued by a sovereign state or a central bank, it is not a regular currency, it is actually a bearer bond

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