Tuesday, May 18, 2021



Bizarre Dutch dark comedy film ‘The Columnist’ mocked for showing journalist going on a killing spree against online critics

A Dutch movie titled "The Columnist", or "The Pussy Whore" in its original Dutch, has become the subject of internet mockery.

Conflict of interest? Advocacy group funded by Twitter, Facebook, Google and western governments criticises new Indian social media regulations

Access Now has spoken out against the social media regulations ushered in by the Indian Government on Thursday.

Netherlands, Canada and Finland raise concerns over Chinese espionage that can cripple democratic countries

Finland, Canada and Netherlands have raised concerns over Chinese espionage on government, companies and universities

Fact Check: Is “Raam” with the photo of Lord Ram printed on it is the world’s most expensive currency

As Raam is not a legal tender issued by a sovereign state or a central bank, it is not a regular currency, it is actually a bearer bond

Mahatma Gandhi statue in Amsterdam vandalised amid BlackLivesMatter protests, ‘racist’ written on it by unknown miscreants

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi located at the Churchilllaan in Amsterdam desecrated by the unknown miscreants with red paint

Irked over changing the name of its embassy in Taiwan, China threatens to stop medical supplies to the Netherlands: Here are the details

Chhina warned that the name change concerns the country's "core interests" andasked the Netherlands to follow its "One China principle.'

‘Islamophobic’ Dutch Politician receives death threats on Twitter from Pakistani Muslims for a now cancelled cartoon contest

In June, Geert Wilders had announced cartoon competition to be held at his party's parliamentary offices. Later in August, he was forced to cancel the event

Hindu Temple vandalized in notorious Muslim suburb in the Netherlands: Local media report

The attack on the Temple in the Netherlands appears consistent with some such attacks in India.

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