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SIMI had allegedly conducted training in combat, arms, firing and making explosives
the seized currency has the face value of 7 crores, a fake currency racket was busted in the area last month too.
The Pakistani diplomat and his associates planned to launch 26/11 style attacks
Members of the organization have been involved in heinous crimes in the past as well.
PFI claims it paid 94 lakhs to lawyers, spent 5 lakhs on travel
Yasmeen's associate Abdul Rashid has escaped to ISIS-controlled territories
The agency questioned the Kashmiris studying there
NIA has unearthed evidence exposing interstate module of Maoist operations
Her petition claims extremist outfit PFI was instrumental in her forceful conversion and subsequent marriage
This reflects the 'no tolerance' policy of the Modi Government when it comes to separatists
It was a joint raid conducted by NIA and UP Police
Naik is believed to be holed up in Malaysia
The RSS leader Ravindra Gosai was murdered on 17th October
Whom does a person marry is indeed a question of free will, but this is not about freedom to choose a partner.
The state of Kerala continues to be riddled with this issue
The probe was recently commissioned by the Supreme Court
He has called it a conspiracy by his political opponents
Such cases have been under the scrutiny of the investigative agency
Preliminary probe by NIA in Kerala "love jihad" case reveals some a deeper conspiracy.
Is this going to be the default go-to defence for Zakir Naik?
The NIA told the court that there's a pattern to such cases
NIA has recovered several letters from Hurriyat leaders that show the terrorists asking for money from them.

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