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nirjhari sinha

The Citizen glorifies Mukul Sinha in a profile of his wife Nirjhari Sinha, but forgets to mention his role in spreading misinformation about Godhra...

'Scientist' turned 'activist' Mukul Sinha was at the forefront of spreading misinformation regarding the Godhra carnage that has now been propagated widely as facts despite evidence showing otherwise.

Nirjhari Sinha, Pratik Sinha and Mohammed Zubair: How Alt News “fact-checkers” have been spreading fake news for years

Nirjhari Sinha, Pratik Sinha, and Md Zubair of Alt News have been at the forefront in spreading fake news.

Meet the team of propaganda outlet Alt News, which was paraded as ‘independent’ by the Congress party

Pratik Sinha, Mohammad Zubair, Nirjhari Sinha and where it all started, Mukul Sinha

Director of AltNews Nirjhari Sinha shares old picture to protest against PM Modi’s call to stay home amidst coronavirus outbreak

Nirjhari Sinha posted an old photo from 2016 to express her disapproval of PM Modi's announcement of total lockdown even as the spread of coronavirus in India enters a crucial phase

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