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Director of AltNews Nirjhari Sinha shares old picture to protest against PM Modi’s call to stay home amidst coronavirus outbreak

Conventional wisdom and expert opinions, however, are anathema for the propagandists whose sole agenda is to promote their propaganda, even if it entails jeopardising lives of millions of people just to oppose PM Modi.

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Even as the country grapples with the looming threat of coronavirus, some perverse individuals have, in this time of national crisis, continued peddling their propaganda against PM Modi. In one such instance, faulty ‘fact-checker’ AltNews Director Nirjhari Sinha expressed her disapproval of PM Modi’s decision to lock down the country for 21 days to battle the spread of the virus that threatens to overwhelm the public health system in the country.

Ms Sinha tweeted a photo of a seemingly destitute and homeless family with a caption “What is the PM’s message for them? Stay at home..don’t venture out!”

While Ms Sinha’s sardonic tweet underscores the grim reality that there are still a great number of people without a roof on their heads but it also highlights her obstinate and depraved desire to imperil lives of millions of Indians by opposing total lockdown of the country just because it was ordered by PM Modi. It was, however, disingenuous of Ms Sinha to overlook the fact that PM Modi instituted PM Awaas Yojana, a scheme through which he plans to provide housing to everyone by 2022.

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In addition, while Nirjhari Sinha objected to PM Modi’s call for a blanket lockdown for 21 days, she apparently shared an old picture from December 2016 to push her anti-Modi hatred. According to Ms Sinha, PM Modi’s decision to announce total lockdown is inappropriate and that people should be allowed to move around as per their will and allowed to freely transmit the deadly contagion, endangering their own lives as well as those who come in their contact.

The lethal coronavirus had been rampaging across the world with fatalities reaching above 15000 and the figure of those affected by the contagion crossing 350,000-mark. Italy, the worst-hit country by the pandemic has witnessed deaths of more than 4800 people. Countries across the world who are now facing the menace of coronavirus are imposing sweeping restrictions to curb the spread of the disease and alleviate the burden on their respective public health systems and bring down the mortality rate.

However, pathological hatred towards Modi has caused Nirjhari Sinha to take leave of her senses, questioning the measures which have been imposed by various advanced countries who are battling the scourge of coronavirus. In the absence of a potent vaccine to eradicate covid-19, doctors across the world have advocated stringent measures such as total lockdown to thwart the ominous spread of the disease. This conventional wisdom and expert opinions, however, are anathema for the propagandists whose sole agenda is to promote their propaganda, even if it entails jeopardising lives of millions of people just to oppose PM Modi.

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Earlier yesterday, Alt News co-founder Pratik Sinha was found sharing misinformation and lies about India’s readiness to fight Wuhan coronavirus to cast the Indian government in a bad light. Pratik indulged in sharing rumours about Wuhan coronavirus as he retweeted a tweet in which Twitter user Vikrumaditya alias Vasundhara claimed that he/she (in the picture) is wearing the same mask since a week as doctors don’t have enough N95 masks, the masks which are more efficient in preventing the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus. The tweet was subsequently deleted and soon afterwards, Vikrumaditya alias Vasundhara tweeted a clarification that he/she is not affiliated to any political party or any group.

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