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Few achievements of defence ministry during the past few years.
Pakistan has often turned the Congress' predisposition to their benefit and used comments of such political leaders to berate India.
Rahul Gandhi and his brigade have been using the Rafale issue as a gizmo to defame the Prime Minister since the dog's age
In March, the controversial left-wing lawyer Prashant Bhushan wanted to file an eight-page note, which was allegedly "stolen" from the defence ministry and later published by N Ram of the Hindu.
Rahul Gandhi fuels North-South divide, ignores N Sitharaman, says Chidambaram was the senior minister from Tamil Nadu in central government
According to a statement issued by the Indian Air Force, the aircraft was on a routine mission when it crashed. The pilot was able to eject safely.
Attacking the previous UPA government led by Congress, Sitharaman also revealed how the UPA government never utilised the defence budget for the acquisition of weapons and technology that was needed for Indian armed forces. 
India is overly defensive. Despite its massive economic and military power, it does not respond to grave provocations (26/11, for example). It does not retaliate when attacked. It tolerates countless attacks on its citizens and affronts to its prestige.
The country mourns the death of jawans who lost their lives in the ghastly terror attack.
According to the India Today report, Hebe Benjamin's husband was an officer in the Indian Army and served in the Corps of Engineers. He had retired in 1966 and had relocated with his family to Israel.
Earlier, Congress had ran a "Modi hatao Desh bachao" Facebook ad in Pakistan.
The National Commission for Women also seems to upset against Rahul Gandhi after he had said PM Modi 'to be a man and answer his question'.
PM Modi attacked Rahul Gandhi for his misogynist remark on Defence Minister.
This in a way goes out to show that Rahul Gandhi is hurt more that the person who gave a fitting reply to his lies was a woman
Rahul Gandhi is not the first Congress leader to personally attack Modi and his ministers
Amidst the cacophony of lies spouted by Congress and Rahul Gandhi over the Rafale deal, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) on Sunday, came out with a clarification, putting all speculations to rest.
Goa Congress has written to President Kovind claiming a threat to CM Parrikar's life.
Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman took a dig at the Congress party by saying it did not intend to buy the jets. For every 'AA' there is a 'Q' and 'RV'.
India has issued the first 25% of the over 59,000 crore deal to the French government.
Nirmala Sitharama claimed that Congress' demand for a JPC reeks of insincerity
This deal for K9 Vajra is one of the first defence programmes between India and South Korea.
Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman asked the Indian Navy to give more impetus to enrollment of women in the Navy
The Ministry of Defence spokesperson's Twitter handle has since apologised for the tweet
GoM will recommend measures to improve the safety of women at workplace
It's anybody's guess how many people believe Rahul Gandhi's concocted allegations regarding the Rafale Deal.
To an average reader, it may seem like the offset agreement is still in force when the deal between Russia and India were signed.
Parakram Parv will be celebrated till 30th September to mark 2nd anniversary of surgical strikes
France had earlier confirmed the existence of a secrecy clause in the Rafale deal.
Dassault has officially stated that partnership with Reliance Defence was its own choice and it is presently negotiating with a hundred more companies for investments in India.

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