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‘Govt initiatives improving rural livelihood’: SBI Research report corroborates NSSO findings on decline in ‘consumption inequality’ in India

According to SBI Research, rural poverty has decreased from 25.7% (2011-12) to 7.2% (2022-2023) while urban poverty has reduced from 13.7% (2011-12) to 4.6% (2022-2023).

Is unemployment in India really at 45 years high: Explaining the NSSO report

The unemployment is at a “45 years high” is a meaningless exaggeration without any basis in facts or data.

Here is why comparing the recent job data with past data is faulty and foolish

The method to calculate job data has been changed, hence it can’t be compared with past data.

The discussion around GDP data is driven by political and ideological belief, not data and facts

The recent debate regarding the GDP has come with the backdrop of a report that suggests that the MCA-21 database has 36% of its companies unsuitable for collection of data

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