Monday, June 24, 2024



Why it’s wrong to call Aatish Taseer a ‘bastard’ even if he is one

All Amit Shah ever did to Taseer was revoke a privilege that allowed him to circumvent the usual visa application process that common people go through.

Tavleen Singh comes out to defend her son Aatish Taseer for spewing venom on Amit Shah, lies through her teeth

Aatish Taseer still outraged about his OCI status revocation, uses vile, abusive words for India's Home Minister.

Government of India tweaks guidelines, here are the categories of OCI cardholders who can now travel to India

Minor children born to Indian nationals abroad who hold OCI cards; students stranded abroad with OCI cards and OCI cardholders wanting to travel to India on account of family emergencies are permitted by the government of India's latest order

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