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Tavleen Singh comes out to defend her son Aatish Taseer for spewing venom on Amit Shah, lies through her teeth

Many social media users pointed out to Taseer that his unabated hatred against the Home Minister is only displaying his own upbringing and hateful mind.

Home Minister Amit Shah was tested positive for Covid-19 yesterday. Though he stated that he is feeling alright, he is currently lodged at a hospital in Delhi for the treatment after doctors advised him to get admitted as a precaution. As expected, a lot of ‘secular-liberals’ are celebrating the news. One of them was Aatish Taseer, the son of journalist Tavleen Singh, who called Shah a “fat b**tard” in his tweet.

Aatish wrote, “Every now and then @TheTweetOfGod stretches the limits of our our moral universe. Just as our love of a free press requires us to defend the @DailyMailUK, so now too we are called upon to wish this fat bastard (who has done nothing but evil in his life) a speedy recovery.” TheTweetOfGod is a parody account who portrays himself as God. If someone follows him and checks his timeline, he is no less than a propagandist who spews venom very often.

Taseer has tagged a popular parody handle TheTweetOfGod which often shares sarcastic statements as that from ‘God’.

Taseer calling someone b**tard has a sad irony

Aatish Taseer is the child of Tavleen Singh and a former Pakistani politician Salman Taseer, born out of a brief affair when they were not married. According to the Cambridge dictionary, the word bas**rd means “a person born to parents who are not married to each other.” Many social media users pointed out to Taseer that his unabated hatred against the Home Minister is only displaying his own upbringing and hateful mind.

Via Twitter
Via Twitter

The lies peddled by Tavleen and her son over the OCI status

Even though his late father was a Pakistani Taseer had obtained OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) benefits. As per the law, if someone has any Pakistani connection from either of the parents’ side, the person is not eligible for OCI status. When Indian authorities corrected their mistake and revoked his OCI status, his mother, Tavleen Singh did not take it well and started spewing venom over the social media and in press. Since the revocation of the OCI status, both Taseer and his mother keep ranting on social media and through their articles.

Enraged over the removal of a fraudulent entitlement, both Taseer and Tavleen had helped fan a narrative that the Indian government had ‘taken away Taseer’s citizenship’ and has ‘thrown him out’. However, in reality, Taseer never was an Indian citizen. He was a UK citizen and a person of Pakistani origin by birth.

Indian authorities had revealed that Taseer had lied and concealed the information about his Pakistani father in his documents to violate Indian law and get the OCI status.

MHA tweets on Atish Taseer
Home Ministry’s dismissal of fake claims in media

Tavleen Singh and her son had also constantly lied about “not being able to see each other”, putting forth a narrative that the government’s revocation of OCI status has somehow ‘banned’ Tavleen from travelling abroad or Taseer to travel to India to meet. In reality, Taseer can come to India anytime he wishes, by applying for a visa the usual way. Similarly, nothing can stop Tavleen from going to USA or UK to meet her son. However, the mother-son, for some unknown reasons, do not seem to be doing that.

Taveleen and Taseer, with their media clout, have been fanning a fake victimhood to support him and the cabal has even published articles urging the Indian government to break laws to accommodate him.

Tavleen defends Taseer’s abusive language and hatred

Tavleen Singh has also been defending her foul-mouthed, hinduphobic son. When a twitter user called out Aatish Taseer’s usage of foul language and uncivilised behaviour in reacting to the news of a person (the Indian Home Minister) getting infected with a disease, Tavleen sprang up to defend Taseer, beating the same punctured drum that Taseer was ‘exiled’ from India, which is a big fat lie.

Tavleen’s hatred and sense of entitlement

When the Indian government banned Chinese apps in June, Singh had posted a derogatory tweet mocking the death of the Indian forces. She was called out by Meghna Girish, mother of a martyred soldier, saying how disrespectful it is of her to say something like this after our brave soldiers lost their lives. Tavleen Singh called Meghna a troll and insulted her on social media. According to Tavleen, she is more of a patriot and knows more about Indian forces because she “grew up in army stations.”

Meghana Girish is the mother of Major Akshay Girish who was martyred in the terrorist attack at the Nagrota Army base in 2016. According to Tavleen Singh, the mother who had lost her son for the service of motherland, was ‘urban balcony class shedding crocodile tears’.

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