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Oil Imports

The US has not asked India to reduce its purchase of Russian oil, says American treasury official

The United States has not asked India to cut Russian oil imports, an American treasury official said on Thursday.

Russia Ukraine conflict: CNN claims India is hurting US by helping Putin get richer. Here’s how it is wrong & sinister for so many...

While India's purchase of crude oil comes is far from hurting any economy and instead has stabilised the global economy in a volatile geopolitical environment, the United State's historical funding to Pakistan has come at a huge cost to India, its neighbourhood and human rights at large.

Oil and Islam: What made Saudi Arabia course correct to become ‘moderate’, and why ‘old school’ Islamists in Indian subcontinent are upset with Crown...

The transformation of Saudi Arabia under the leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is a profound shift from its conservative past to a more modern and economically diversified nation. This transformation, marked by social and economic reforms, has sparked both global attention and internal opposition

India becomes the largest supplier of refined fuels to Europe, overtakes Saudi Arabia

Europe's refined fuel imports from India are set to surge above 360,000 barrels a day, overtaking Saudi Arabia, Kpler's data show.

India does not welcome the G7 cap on Russian oil: All you need to know about the oil price cap and Indian stand on...

India will turn the global oil challenges into an opportunity to secure affordable energy, Minister Hardeep Singh Puri said.

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister blames India for importing ‘cheap’ Russian oil. Here is how S Jaishankar responded to the allegations in the past

It has now come to light that the decision to buy discounted Russian oil has benefited India to the tune of Rs 35,000 crores.

Energy crisis: Oil prices rise after European Union and G7 countries impose a price cap on Russian Oil

A price cap, set by EU and G7 countries, implies that oil sold at the agreed price can be shipped using the tankers of the said countries.

‘We are ready to deliver oil’: Iranian ambassador to India Dr Iraj Elahi says Iran is ready to ‘increase economic ties with India’

Iran was a major energy provider to India until May 2019, when the country ceased doing so after the US threatened to impose more sanctions.

‘Modi govt does not feel pressure’: Hardeep Singh Puri takes CNN journalist to cleaners after she tries to ‘guilt-trip’ India about Russian oil purchases

Hardeep Singh Puri told CNN, "We have 1.34 billion population and we have to ensure that they are supplied with energy."

India’s oil imports from the Middle East drop to a 19-month low, Russia becomes 2nd largest supplier again: Reports

After China, India has emerged as second-largest buyer of Russian oil, taking the advantage of discounted prices.

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