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operation blue star

When Nehru sent police into Golden Temple to supress ‘Punjabi Suba Movement’: community kitchen captured, langar stopped, 8000 people arrested

Even though everyone has some memory of Operation Blue Star, which was carried out under Indira Gandhi's directives, few people are aware that Jawaharlal Nehru's reign also saw an identical era in Punjabi history

Canada: Brampton mayor says Indira Gandhi assassination tableau ‘not a hate crime’

In Canada, Brampton Mayor said there was no "hate crime" in tableau depicting assassination of former India's PM Indira Gandhi

Hundreds march chanting pro-Khalistan slogans as Bhindranwale posters spotted inside the Golden Temple on his death anniversary today

Actor Deep Sidhu, one of the prime accused in Republic Day riots was also present in Golden Temple on Operation Blue Star anniversary

Punjabi Singer singer Jazzy B glorifies Bhindranwale in his latest song, justifies Khalistan by saying Sikhs do not get respect in India

Punjabi singer Jazzy says that Sikhs deserve Khalishtan and supports keeping arms in his latest song

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