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Organ Transplant

Kerala court summons Dr Philip Augustine, who was awarded Padma Shri by Congress, for allegedly transplanting organ of youth by falsely declaring him brain...

UPA-era Padma Shri awardee Dr Philip Augustine has been accused of harvesting the kidney and liver of an 18-year-old by falsely declaring him brain dead

Kidney villages: Know about the illegal kidney-selling markets that once operated in India and are now rampant in Nepal and Afghanistan

Reportedly, selling kidneys was said to be a woman’s way of earning money in some areas. In many cases, people also sold their kidneys to arrange money for a dowry or pay off loan sharks.

Chinese surgeons removed hearts of patients while they were still alive under government orders, shows study

Chinese surgeons, working at state-run civilian and military hospitals, have been cutting out prisoners’ hearts while they’re still alive, reveals study

Doctors in USA successfully transplant a genetically modified pig heart onto a human patient: All you need to know

“It was either die or do this transplant. I want to live", said David Bennett before the surgery.

China’s real Squid Game: Beijing operates forced organ harvesting from political prisoners and dissidents, says UN report

Uyghurs, Muslims, Tibetans, Christians and other minorities held in detention centre are conscripted by China in their forced organ harvesting program

Hospitals in the United States denying organ transplants to patients because they are not vaccinated for Covid-19: Report

A Washington state patient said on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that hospitals were refusing organ transplants to non-vaccinated people

Organ transplant racket rocks Tamil Nadu: Foreigners given priority over Indians

Foreigners got about 25% of all heart transplants and 33% of lung transplants in the last year.

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